Thrifty gifty

Recently I went thrift store shopping and happened across a couple of big rolls of solid blue wallpaper. It was boring as wallpaper, but I decided it would probably make excellent thick, rich-feeling gift wrap. I snagged both rolls for the princely sum of $2. On a hunch, I scanned the next two thrift stores I visited for discarded wallpaper. At one thrift store I found a good-sized roll of brown craft paper with gold stars for 99 cents.  At another, I found two huge rolls of grey and silver foil wallpaper for $3 total.

The elegant foil is cloth-backed and feels way nicer even than Current gift wrap.  It will be great for weddings, baby showers or girls’ birthdays. Altogether I paid $6 for five big rolls of paper that will most likely last me years. I was pleased with my find. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve found at a thrift store?