How to: Fixing a broken lamp shade

I have a small lamp on my bedside table. One day it fell on the floor, causing the lamp shade to rip away from the ring at the top edge where it was attached to the lamp. I thought about buying a new shade. But the other day when buying Modge Podge and pretty paper for a Christmas craft, I wondered if I could decoupage paper onto the shade to repair it. I decided to give it a shot.

I began by using clear packing tape to tape the broken shade back onto the metal ring at the top edge. Because of the rips in the shade, it was hard to get it all smooth. But the tape did a pretty decent job of holding the shade in its original position.

I used packing tape to secure the broken shade onto the frame.

I then began gluing randomly shaped pieces of heavy paper to the outside of the shade. There’s a lot of green and brown in our bedroom, so I went with those colors. I also added some papers that had deep purple accents, for interest. Before adhering each sheet of paper, I trimmed it to fit in the area where I wanted it to go. Then I put Modge Podge both on the old shade in the space where the new paper would go, and on the back of the new paper.

Once the new paper was stuck onto the shade pretty well, I then put a layer of Modge Podge on the pretty side of the new paper, paying special attention to the edges, so that the new paper would adhere well to the shade. Gradually I worked my way around, randomly placing paper until the entire shade was covered, and every edge was coated with Modge Podge.

Patch work!

Since I don’t know how heat proof my shade repair job will be, I am using a very low-watt fluorescent bulb in the fixture, and plan to use this lamp only when I am in the room. The new covering is much more interesting than the original shade, and I am really happy with how it looks.

Finished repair

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