Book Review: The Magnificent Obsession

I was recently sent a copy of the newest book by Ann Graham Lotz:  The Magnificent Obsession:  Embracing the God-Filled Life.  I agreed to review the book a month or so ago, but I am convinced that it was God who caused the book to arrive just when I needed it.

In the book, Lotz tells the story of the life of Abraham as told in Genesis.  He was an ordinary man who through choice after choice after choice chose to follow God.  It is so easy in the craziness and the challenge and the discouragement with life to lose our focus.  To ignore the leading of God in our lives for a whole variety of reasons. Maybe what He asks us to do seems too hard. Maybe it seems illogical.  Maybe it means giving up something very dear to us.

Abraham faced all those challenges.  He didn’t always make the right choices.   But over and over and over again he chose to follow God’s leading in his life. He got very good at hearing and responding to God’s voice. And in the end, not only did he become the father of many nations, he also ended up being called a friend of God.

One of the greatest longings of my heart is to fulfill God’s purpose for my life, to do what He has for me to do. I can only do that if I am listening to Him. This book encouraged my heart to look less at my circumstances and more at my God. Who doesn’t need a reminder like that?

I heartily recommend this book. It was a true blessing to me.