Cost of Living Carnival

ET at Titus 2:3-5 is interested in knowing what grocery prices are everywhere else, since she feels like she spends a lot compared to other people. You can go to her blog to see other people who are sharing their prices. But here are the ones that I know for sure in my area of Idaho. Keep in mind that these prices are THE lowest that I can find in my area– I could spend a lot more if I shopped more expensive stores.

Milk: $2.75/ gallon
Eggs -$4.50/5 dozen (we go through lots of eggs–extremely affordable protein)
5lbs potatoes -$2.49
Apples -$1.29/lb usually…I buy them sparingly at this price, not at all at higher prices
Oranges–I only buy them when they are $1/lb or less, usually in the wintertime.
Bananas- $.44/lb (we almost always have bananas around)
12 oz salad greens- $1.99 –I buy cabbage instead, which is healthier anyway, then finely shred it for a fresh coleslaw type salad (minus the mayo)
Cucumber-2 for $1 (I rarely buy these)
Tomatoes- $1.29/lb or so (I use my own, or do home-canned, or skip them)
Carrots- $.50/lb (these are a staple at my house
Ground beef- I stock up when it is $1.80/lb or less. I occasionally find it for $1.29/lb. I also mix it half and half with ground turkey, which is usually $1.25/lb
Chicken– I buy boneless skinless breasts only when they are $1.79 or less. I stock up on bone-in breasts or thighs when they are $1/lb, which happens often.
Pork chops– I don’t buy them, but have seen them for around $2.00/lb on sale
Ham- $5 for 2 lbs thin-sliced
Roast beef- I don’t buy this, so I don’t know
Cheese-$6 for 2 lbs medium cheddar, $13 for 5 lb grated pizza mix cheese
1 lb of butter- $2.10 (I stock up when it is this price or less– butter can be frozen)
box of mac and cheese like KD– I make homemade, so I don’t know
pkg of cookies like Oreos- maybe $4? I buy them once a year at most
can of beans–(chili beans?) $.80/can (I use dry beans and cook them myself)
can of tomatoes– I don’t know since I grow these in the garden
pkg of pasta– 1 lb is about $.75/lb at the dollar store (lowest price anywhere!)
pkg of frozen veggies like peas or corn- $1.50/lb
tin of coffee- $8 for 2 lb of good coffee
12 double roll toilet paper- $6

If you’d like to help out ET with her survey go check out her blog.