Review- Conditioner for curly hair

Since a lot of adoptive families read this blog, I wanted to mention a discovery we made recently for our Ethiopian daughters’ hair. It is TRESemme’ Curl Moisturizing conditioner, and it is an excellent leave-in conditioner for all my girls’ hair, from the soft gently curly hair of my 10 year old to the very thick very curly hair of my 12 year old.

I am perhaps most thrilled with it for my 3 year old daughter. She has soft curls but LOTS of hair and not tons of tolerance for getting it brushed out. I washed her hair the other evening and was dreading the comb-out. Her hair had been in a single, quickly brushed braid for about 4 days and I knew it would be snarled. But I washed it and conditioned it, leaving a generous amount of the conditioner in afterwards, and was thrilled to be able to get her hair quickly and very thoroughly combed without one complaint from her.

I have tried literally dozens of hair products for my African American girls, and this is Good Stuff. Added bonus: it’s only $3.84 for 32 oz at Walmart.