Day 17: Wanting it all

As this 30 Days creeps along, I find myself consumed by wants. There are few things we need–apparently I did way too good a job stocking up ahead. Maybe a dishwasher– but I’m sick of buying dishwashers. If it weren’t for the sad faces of my designated dishwashers after meals, I’d boycott the dishwasher altogether.

But the wants. They’re creeping into my daydreams in an unusually tenacious way. A cook top. New pots and pans. A kitchen floor. A dining room bump-out. I was even daydreaming about a whole kitchen remodel earlier today.

I have a theory: maybe my normal shopping habits quench my shopping urges enough that the urges don’t get too big. Now I’m feeling stifled so the longings are bigger.

But I’m not quite willing to just concede that I ‘need’ a certain amount of shopping to keeping my urges under control. I wonder what would happen during a longer stretch of not-spending? Would I crave shopping even more? Or would the longings eventually taper off, kind of like when you’re trying to cut sugar from your diet?

I don’t know, and I don’t think we’ll be doing this long enough to find out. But it has gotten me thinking.

Meals Today
Breakfast: Oatmeal and OJ
Lunch: A wonderful veggie soup (recipe coming soon) plus bread and apples.
Dinner: Tomato melts, cucumbers, and cookies

Cooking was a little light today because most of my ‘extra’ time went towards canning the last 24 quarts of applesauce. I am really glad to be done with apples, and was a bit dismayed that the kids came in from tomato-picking with a laundry basket full of tomatoes. Seriously, I MUST get done with all this canning!

To all of you who are doing the 30 Days along with me, have you found yourself wanting more and more as the month has gone on?

(For a list of others who are doing the 30 Day challenge along with me, see this post.)