The last BlogHer post for this year– I promise!

Here are the final business cards (I think) that I have from Blogher. If I met you and forgot to mention it, please feel free to mention it to me and I will add you.

Malena is a freelance reporter and also has a personal blog at African.Dance.Drum.Life. I had a great time chatting with her. She was especially interested in the ways that y’all have banded together with me to make a difference at least for a small village in Ethiopia.

Rlee has a website that features her art.

MJ Tam is the editor of, a parenting and shopping advice website.

Ann Glamore of My Tiny Kingdom was another of the first people I met at the conference. She is elegant and delightful in person. was one of several moms juggling a baby at a conference. Her little guy is just adorable!

Whitney and Heather ( are two young moms who wrote The Rookie Mom’s Handbook, which is a book full of activities and information for moms bogged down in the early days of motherhood. and Metropolitan Mama were two of the bloggers I hung out with over dinner on Saturday evening. We had a lot of fun!

Georgia of has some good pictures of the Saturday evening Blogher party. Think progressive dinner/cattle drive/day-after-Thanksgiving-shopping-crowd. Yeah, that about covers it.

Bonggamom and I were both fortunate enough to go on Saturday’s photo walk through CHinatown with Karen of Chookoloonks. (You can see all the photowalk pictures here and mine here)

If you’d like a lot of details about the Blogher weekend, be sure to check out She has written a bunch of posts about it all.

Jessica at and I (along with Shannon) had a good discussion over lunch on Friday about the extreme difficulty of parenting. (Can I have an Amen?)

Jean from is another blogger I got to meet. She gave away a fun version of her business card– it was a luggage tag with her blog name on it. Very fun.

I met Debra of Messy Life at the very crowded Typepad party on Saturday. She is actually a psychologist and we had a good talk about adoption and the issues families sometimes face when getting kids settled into their new families.

Bobita of wrote a sweet post about the emotions surrounding mom taking off for the weekend

I can’t forget to mention Tara of Lijit is a new search tool that sorts google results by how useful they have been to other people, instead of just by the number of keywords a webpage is (sometimes misleadingly) stuffed with. lijit bases its listings on things like how long viewers remain on a searched page, how much they click within that website, and how many recent hits that website has gotten. I plan to investigate this site more soon. Tara was really nice to talk with. She also blogs at I Quit For Lijit

Dawn of was a speaker on one of the panels I attended, but at this moment I cannot remember which one. (Can’t be because I am writing this post at 2am, can it?

Headless Mom
has been faithfully commenting here for quite awhile and I am glad to have finally met her in person!

Biggie of Lunch In A Box writes a blog about the fun bento-style lunches she packs for her child each day. This one is sooooo fun!

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to meet Karen of chookooloonks in person. She was one of the first ‘celebrities’ who commented on my blog in the early days, and even though I hadn’t commented on her blog in a few months (silly me, I thought she shut it down, actually) she remembered about my family which made me feel all warm and fuzzy towards her. Besides, that girl can take pictures! Oh, my!

A site that she also blogs on is It is a gorgeous, informative photography blog. Check it out. Also from shutter sisters is Tracey who also writes Mother May I . She is a lovely warm-hearted person, who was very quick to hook me up with a soul sister of mine, Jen Lemen.

Jen went to Africa awhile back, and came back home with a new perspective on the world. Jen understood when I talked passionately about the needs there, and she was thrilled to hear what all my readers had contributed to getting food to people who need it. I was able to meet her friend, Odette, as well. Check out her blog for all that backstory.

Now I am utterly exhausted, but if I did forget to mention meeting anyone or if any of the links are bad, let me know! This was a great weekend and one I hope to be able to do again next year!