Review Policy

Most of the products and books I review here are given to me. For a book-lover like me, that’s a definite blogging perk. Due to time constraints, I only review items if I am interested and have time to write a review.  Also, I’m more inclined to review something if it’s also offered to you, my reader, as a giveaway.  I feel that adds value and makes your time here more worthwhile. Free or not, any reviews that I write are my true, honest opinion.  If I think a product really stinks, I’ll usually just opt not to review it.

One more thing:  I am an affiliate, which means if you click through to amazon from a link on a post, and go on to buy that item, I receive a small commission. There’s no extra cost to you, but it does play a part in supporting all the free content here at Owlhaven.  Thanks for reading.  I appreciate your support and your interest.