Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine’s Day celebration this year happened a day early (to avoid the crowds in restaurants– we’re practical like that) and included our youngest two daughters.

At 12 and 14 they are totally old enough to be home on their own.  But you try experiencing four kids moving out in the past year (8 altogether moved out in the past decade), and you might understand why we’re feeling a bit nostalgic and more than a little eager to enjoy this time at home with the last two.

They were coaxing us to go out on our own– they had a movie night of their own planned.  But when we enticed them with the promise of Cuban food at Casablanca, and then Lego Batman, they were happy to come along.  It was totally worth it to hear them laughing uproariously beside us in the movie theater.

We’ve got years, Lord-willing, to go out for Valentine’s Day on our own, and only a few more with them home with us.  We’re going to enjoy their sweet presence for as long as we can.


  1. our youngest 4 graduated the same year(different ages) and moved out within 2 mos…along with the oldest and her son that was already out of school just a couple months before. We went from a full house to empty next…I didn’t know whether to dance for joy that they were doing good in their lives or curl up and cry that they weren’t there. 20yrs later I still feel the same. The silence can get to me at times…so I talk to the dogs LOL

  2. Gary Coryer says:

    Oh Mary. That photo of the girls is so scary. Your youngest is only a few years older than Arena (you sent me hair care advice for her years ago when they were both little). Your little girl is so grown up and now I see my Arena will be there soon too. Oh no!!
    Thanks for sharing the story about your families Valentine’s Day celebration. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

  3. Such a sweet season!