Waiting for the ice to melt

A couple days ago I was rejoicing because finally, finally the temperatures were high enough that the snow that has lain all over our valley since before Christmas was running in rivulets down the road. It was in the 40’s and dirty snow-heaps everywhere were diminishing and we were all full of delight.

Then came yesterday morning. Heavy, thick snow, coming steadily all morning and accumulating another three inches.  By afternoon thankfully the temperature was high enough to begin melting things, and by sunset the gutters were streaming with water again, a welcome sight indeed.  Today it’s raining again, and temperatures in the 40’s are promised for the rest of the week. Hooray!

I’m no snow-lover, but I can’t think of a year where I’ve ever hated it more. It’s the worst winter we’ve had in years, with 21 inches of snow in January alone.  Add in the 14 inches we saw in December, and now this new stuff in February, and you may begin to see why there are so many snow-wear folks around here.

But today it’s melting!  Hooray!

Thanks to a couple of extra days off work, I have been catching up on things I dread doing:  most notably the FAFSA for several different kids.  I also got a jump on taxes. Since we owe money (bah, hubug) I won’t be sending those anytime soon, but now at least I know what we need to come up with on April 15th.  Exciting stuff.

I’ve also been working on step one of getting my freezer defrosted– step one being using up as much as possible so that there will be less food in coolers as the freezer thaws.  At the moment, the top shelf is almost entirely obscured–  I’m pretty sure there’s at least a steak or two stuck in the ice.  But yesterday I did pry out all the frozen tomatoes and made a big pot of spaghetti sauce.   Today I will pry out a few more things– some things probably just need to hit the trash.  And tomorrow I will unplug the freezer and get it chipped out.  Thankfully we have a washing machine drain pan under it, so if I just keep the towels changed out often enough, we should be able to get by without puddles on our laminate flooring.  I tell you, waiting for ice to melt makes my life a thrill ride.  🙂

Actually, I’m wondering if we have almost reached a time where we could get by using only the freezer in our fridge.  That freezer is so ancient that I’m sure it uses lots of electricity.  And now that we don’t have beef cows or a big garden or lots of kids at home, it just might work.  Maybe I will clean things out well and try it for at least a few weeks.

In MUCH more interesting news,we got the boat bunk beds built at the beach house!  Huge job, but it turned out well.  Here’s a photo, and you can see more on the house website.  You can also click here if you’re interested in booking the Owlhaven this summer.  We already have four bookings, which I find rather amazing considering the house isn’t even done yet.

Speaking of done, we are on track to get occupancy at the beach house in TWO weeks!!  Just about all that needs to be done in the house is to build the deck and do a little trim work and install the appliances. Yesterday I ordered cable, internet and trash service all to begin in two weeks.  And then in we come with furniture.  We are planning to go and see how much we can get moved in the last week of February.  Then later in March a bunch of our family will be there, and can hopefully help us finish getting moved in and prepped for FINISHED photos.  SO very exciting!  Can’t wait to get things in place and give you all a tour.

How’s the end of your winter?  Keeping warm?  Loaded in snow like we are?


  1. In this part of the UK we’ve had hardly any snow this year can’t say I’m disappointed unlike my grand daughter. I always try to defrost my freezer in winter I try to find a day when its cold and dry outside and I have at least a morning or afternoon free I place all the food in boxes which I place outside covered then get on with defrosting

  2. Gary Coryer says:

    So Mary, I guess that means you will never move to the Burlington Vermont area at 81.2 inches of snow annually. LOL

    • No way, no how. I could be convinced to visit during the fall when the leaves are changing though!

  3. Gary Coryer says:

    And my brother lives in Fulton NY. 111.8 inches annually. The record daily snowfall there was 40.0 inches on December 08, 1958

  4. Wow! Those bunk beds turned out great!! 😀

  5. I wish you’d have sent some of that down here to the South. We’ve had an absurdly warm winter here. It was nice for the electric bill, as the heater only came on a couple of days, but it was so warm some days that I had to fight turning on the air! It’s been miserable.