Summer goodies


We’re savoring the tail end of summer, including all the yummy things that come with the season.  There’s no better time of year for a good BLT.  At this time of year I’m usually awash in cucumbers, so I love to slice those cucumbers thin and add them in instead of the typical lettuce. Good bread, toasted, is the way to make these sandwiches really shine.  Since mayo is not my thing, I like a dab of mustard or some nice spicy hummus on my sandwich.   Yum!  I want one right now!


Peach Jam is another goodie from last week.  I honestly wasn’t planning on canning a .thing. this year– I’ve had such a LONG running of August canning craziness that I’d decided to take a year entirely off.  But then my sister’s neighbor was giving away peaches off their loaded tree.  How could I resist?

I brought home nearly a bushel of lovely peaches, some of which I gave away.  But I ended up with a dozen nice jars of jam also.  With the help of my youngest two daughters, it didn’t take us more than an hour, counting the time it took to process the jars.  Easy peasy.

SO easy, in fact, that I’m finding myself hunting down other canning recipes.  (Once a canner, always a canner?)  Here’s a recipe for peach mint salsa that has me intrigued, since my mint is going absolutely nuts and desperately needs taming.  Of course I’d have to buy peaches.  Hmmm… or maybe this one for tomato mint salsa???  I have LOTS of tomatoes, along with some incredibly fiery jalapenos.  Maybe that will be my next project!



Check out Owlhaven Vacation for the latest beach house updates if you’re interested in such things.  And by all means, weigh in and help me choose a backsplash for the kitchen!


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  1. Yum!!! And that chips and salsa pic is ??!