Any paint fanatics out there?

I’ve been poring over paint colors lately, trying to decide what color to paint inside at the beach house.  I’ve also been working on the baby beginnings of the beach house blog.  It is not super pretty yet, and doesn’t even have many posts, but I’d love for you to go over there and vote on paint colors!   I am stuck trying to decide on a nice grey, and not too many people have the patience to peruse all the similar greys I’ve been looking at lately.

agreeable vs repose

Here’s the link to the house website:  Click on the link titled Building a Beach House to vote on paint colors.  In other house news, we are hoping to break ground NEXT week– crazyness!!


  1. I prefer the agreeable Gray – we painted a Behr color called Dove Grey and it is perfect for an eclectic decor – makes our wooden furniture look great and still gives us that cooler neutral we were looking for. Crisp white accents in crown molding and trim make the gray/grey really look good

  2. Just my own opinion…..the coast is mainly gray all winter and can be gray
    with fog in the summer…..I love a bit of color to counter act all the gray
    from the weather.

  3. Lisa Beth W. says:

    I agree with Mary above. Definitely put some color on the walls. Sea Salt is such a delicious color and looks cool and refreshing and very beachy to me. I would love to be surrounded by it on vacation.

  4. ginny jolin says:

    Is your beach house on a sandy beach. Ours is . My friend,,the ar teacher, said try to pick up the sandy/pink color for the walls.
    i have lots of windows.I thougt she was crazy but I picked a pale paint for the wall and she was right. Twenty years later and I still love it

  5. I have agreeable grey all over my house, and absolutely love it. I also have Sea Salt in my kitchen, and on my downstairs interior doors. The Sea Salt looks great with the Agreeable Grey walls and white trim. Agreeable Grey has so much warmth, unlike a lot of other greys. It looks great with everything I put with it- coral, yellow, white, sea salt, etc. Looks great in kid’s room, bathrooms, etc. One of my favorite things about AG is that it can go with grey OR browns, which was important to me as I still had a khaki couch that had lots of wear left in it when we painted our walls. 🙂

    • So glad to hear it works so well!! I booght a gallon to try out in a bathroom here in Idaho just to be sure that I like it.