Recliner help

Lena-Grey-ReclinerOK folks, I am on the hunt for a recliner that is comfortable for my husband, but not big and puffy. Something reasonably stylish, with straight arms instead of rounded-over ones. Bonus if it comes in grey.

The closest thing I’ve found so far is this one, but since it has not one review, I don’t know how comfy it is, and I’m a little leery to pull the trigger. Can anyone point me to a good one?

PS–double bonus if it’s under $500.


  1. I have had great luck with wayfair and it has 20 reviews.

  2. This one does have rounded arms, but it’s not terribly expensive:

  3. Do you have a Costco membership? They have a pretty robust line of furniture, and their return policy can’t be beat!

  4. I also saw a really nice recliner at Costco that fit just about everything on your list. (It was right around $330.00.) If you have a Costco near you, you should check to see is one is on display there as it is in OR. Seemed pretty comfy when I tried it out.