Our next adventure

I looked at my blog the other day and was shocked at how long it’d been since I’ve last posted. We did just get back from church camp, which with all the cooking and prep that I do each year, does take a bit of time. I was also working extra before we left to make up for the days off.

But there’s also another thing that’s kept us busy lately, and I’ve been itching to tell you about it. You may remember that awhile back we bought a piece of land on the Oregon coast, with the big audacious dream of building a house there someday? Well, that day is coming soon!


We lined up a contractor and nailed down our house plans, and talked through the nitty gritty details of cost, and decided that 2016 is the year!  We hope to have a building permit by mid-July, and if plans come together as our contractor is predicting, we could have this house built by the end of the year.  Squeeee!

It has been a whirl of phone calls around here lately, mostly between our contractor and me, working out all the many details.  There’ve also been lots of text messages with the wonderful Becky, my friend who staged our previous home so beautifully that it sold in 36 hours.  She is giving me advice regarding flooring and furnishings, with the goal of making this home a stylish, comfortable and family-friendly retreat.  Our plan is to use it for our own family several weeks of the year, and then rent it out to other families during the rest of the year.  I’ve done a ton of thinking and research to make it functional for groups with a variety of sizes and needs.

The house is 6 bedrooms and 4-1/2 baths, which includes 3 full master suites.  There’s also some fun bunk space planned for kids in the family room downstairs, allowing the house to sleep 16 in beds, with 4 more possible on cots if your crew is really big.

The outdoor living space will include a hot tub, a fenced yard, and a big deck with gated stairs for kid-safety.  We’re also planning a wheelchair ramp, an accessible bathroom, and a stair chair to cater to folks with mobility issues.

The neighborhood has a pool, good beach access, and tennis courts, and the Oregon Coast Aquarium is just 20 minutes north, so there are many good outdoor options nearby.

I’ve rambled long enough for now.  But I’m so excited that I want to pinch myself, so you can bet you’ll be hearing more about this adventure very soon!



  1. Becky Herold says:

    How fun! What great memories you are going to make there. Maybe someday we can rent your beach house 😉

  2. Vickie Crouch says:

    What a blessing! So happy for your family. Enjoy and keep us posted. Oh and pics along the way as you build. Nothing better than making memories.

    • Owlhaven says:

      Absolutely! We are hoping to get there at least once a month to document the progress of the build, and I’m working on a website just for the house.

  3. How exciting! We would also possibly be interested in renting ?

  4. Denise Chynoweth says:

    This is so exciting. What an amazing retreat for you and your family!!!

  5. Gary Coryer says:

    Didn’t you guys just move??? You ARE a glutton for punishment. LOL!!
    Sounds like it will be a wonderful house. Make sure to post some pictures as its coming along.

    • Owlhaven says:

      This is just a vacation place, not a full time place, so we don’t have to move again– whew… Will definitely be taking lots of photos!


  6. I’m so so excited for you guys! Love how you’ve saved up and done it step by step. I went back and reread the original post about it and saw it’s in the Waldport area. How fun!! We are going there next week for a couple of nights!! Never been before. Any suggestions of beach or town places to try? Nature-y spots, coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, favorite beach lookouts etc?

    • Hi Emily,

      How fun!!! I have just the baby beginnings of a website for our beach house– it’s nothing to brag about yet– but I did write two blog posts with information about good restaurants in the Newport/Waldport area. Feel free to check it out!


      I will write more posts on the site as I get a chance. Have a fabulous trip!

  7. Woohoo!! I’m super excited for you! 🙂