Life is such a mass of ups and downs and fun and unexpected and wonderful and hard, isn’t it?

Yesterday I passed a hard test that I needed to pass to keep doing labor and delivery care — hooray!

Yesterday our freshly minted 18 year old son got his ears pierced– turns out earrings look great on him, thankyouverymuch.  🙂

Today I played in the pool with three of our sweet grandchildren– precious time.

A few days ago I went on a nice walk with my mom and my sister– such fun.

Over the weekend our two graduates’ graduation party was a smashing success.

And John and I are taking some really fun steps toward the ocean house that we’ve been dreaming over for a long time. I’ll share some details soon.

However, oh, my heart is burdened for a friend whose teenage son is fighting a recurrence of cancer.

And for friends in our church who are also fighting cancer.

And for another friend– our wonderful Ethiopian driver Dawit– whose precious baby daughter Johanna went to be with Jesus this week.

Oh, the ache. If you are so moved, will you please pray for those who are burdened or ill or grieving?


  1. Oh no! That planned surgery was just too late. For something that is easily and commonly done here… that is just hard to take. I’m so sorry.

    My hubs had earrings. Some guys just look good with them! I don’t recall hearing anything to the contrary, so I am assuming the boys stayed in public school for the whole year. I hope it was the experience they expected, and congrats to both them for graduating and you for passing your test.

  2. Oh I hate to hear that about Dawit. It seems so many I know have an issue in their lives right now. So many I know seem to have teens that have gone off the path all of a sudden. My heart has been sad over that. So glad your teen just got ear piercings!