Our back yard

I’ve been having lots of fun lately working on our back yard. It started out as a very barren rectangle of grass and concrete, and even after a bit of work the grass is still in need of some help.  But in general the yard is looking lots more interesting these days, so I thought I’d show you some photos.  As always, you can click on the photos to enlarge them.

I got the yard whipped into shape just in time– on Sunday we had a bunch of family over for a late Easter celebration.  Just for fun we did even more Easter egg hunting with the little ones, and thanks to the new landscaping, we had lots more spaces to hide eggs.

Tho some of course landed right in the middle of the yard.  After all, our little hunters range in age from 1 to 4.

My very favorite photo is this one of my momma with her youngest great-grandchild Meg, enjoying a fun little swing that I splurged on.

My momma

We may not have space for a whole swing set here, but a swing like this is a perfect fit.   One of these days I may even steal a little time to sit in it myself!  Preferably with a kiddo to cuddle.


  1. Very, very nice!!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Where did you find the swing?

  3. Gary Coryer says:

    I wasn’t sure what you would do with that small space but I see now the answer is everything! It actually appears to be larger now even with everything added in. Very nice!

    • Owlhaven says:

      Funny, I thought the same thing. It is a tiny yard, but I think it will do everything we need it to. There’s even a dab of space in the side yard where we can set up additional tables when we throw a really big party. I think it will be great.

  4. looks lovely, Mary. nice additions and upgrades.

  5. It looks lovely! You’ve done a great job with it. I’ve enjoyed seeing the ideas you’ve pinned on Pinterest. I’ve saved many of them for our yard which is also very much “in progress”.

    What is the border material that you used to create the area in the corner with the chairs? It looks like large stones? We need something similar to separate the grass from the wood chip areas. Do you find that the border is high enough to keep the small stones out of the grass? Do you find yourself tripping over it at all?