Getting back to normal

Our house went on the market on Wednesday.  (Here’s the link to the virtual tour, if you want to see it.)  Twenty-four hours later we’d already had 5 showings and one offer — an OFFER.  Our agent is coming at noon today to present us that offer.  Crazy to think that (maybe, maybe) it could be sold this fast.  Crossing fingers that all goes well.

After months of painting and packing and cleaning and fluffing, I’m looking forward to our spare time not being taken up by the house and for life to start feeling normal again.

And already, with the bulk of the work done at the old house, I’m feeling more relaxed. Monday I made a big batch of bone broth, which I hadn’t done in awhile. Next on my list is a triple batch of enchiladas for the freezer. Tuesday I printed out the girls’ spring school schedule– those daily check boxes help a lot with accountability.  Wednesday I made biscuits to go with chicken soup.the start of a good pot of soup

I’ve decorated the piano with some Valentine’s Day finery, and have a craft or two up my sleeve to do with anyone so inclined.  I think sometime this weekend I’ll probably make some bacon lentil soup. And hey– I’m even blowing the dust off my blog.  Feels good.

I just heard about a website that I love the idea of– it’s called BuyMeOnce.Com and features items that should last you a lifetime.  So many things these days are made so cheaply that I love the idea of durable quality.  Just about the only things I’ve bought that I’m certain would last that long are my cast iron skillets, which I bought very affordably at a farm supply store in the camping section.  I’m thinking BuyMeOnce.Com is spendier, but there are some items that might justify that additional cost.

Speaking of shopping, if you live near a Costco but don’t yet have a membership, you might be interested in this screaming-good deal on Living Social:  $55 for a year of membership that also includes a $20 Costco gift card, free batteries, passes to the food court, and all sorts of other goodies.  Kinda makes me sad that I’m already a member and can’t get this deal.  Disclosure:  if you click on the link and get the deal, my daughter earns credit on Living Social.  Super good deal if you’re needing a Costco membership!  🙂




  1. Mary, my family loves your biscuits and your pancakes!! My copy of your book has post-it’s everywhere!

  2. You are doing so good with your projects Mary.
    I know it must have been tiring.
    Glad to see you are back more regularly.

  3. I’m glad you got an offer. The music playing during the tour is what my elder daughter walked down the aisle on HA HA.

    Lots of good times in the new home for you and yours and the ones that buy your old home

  4. How exciting! Did the offer go through? Your (for sale) house is beautiful! You really did a lovely job getting it ready to sell.

    I love the idea of lifetime products. My grandma totally lived the mantra “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without”. I think it was a result of living through the Depression. Our snow shovel finally cracked so bad where the handle is attached that I couldn’t use it, but I was reluctant to throw it out since the handle was still good and a new one is expensive. I finally figured out that I could drill holes on either side of the scoop where the handle is inserted and use zip ties to fasten around it where it cracked. It works again! Yay! 🙂