Happy New Year!  It’s been a whirlwind 2 weeks around here– probably the craziest Christmas we’ve ever experienced.  After planning for a month to close on our new house Dec 18th, we had all sorts of delays.  At one point the expected close date was looking to be as late as Dec. 29th.  But then a mini Christmas miracle happened, allowing us to close the 23rd. Too late to do Christmas at the new place  (which turned out to be utterly fine).  But soon enough to move a few things over on the 23rd, and a few more the 25th–  “Merry Christmas, kids!  We’re putting your mattresses in the van!” And then on the 26th, the moving van rolled into our new neighborhood, and it was time to unload that beast.

Thanks to fabulous help from all our kids  (not just the ones living with us)  that entire semi truck was emptied in two hours flat.  And then the slow work began– unpacking all those boxes.  I’ve done little else in the week since Christmas.  But we’re finally winning over all those boxes, and I am just thrilled with how it is all coming together.  Here are a couple shots of our new living room….ahhhhh.

Looking from Front Door Looking from the dining areaWe had most of the kids over for Sunday dinner this week, and instead of the usual press of a mob of us all together, we actually had space to move, even after John and the grandkids dumped out alllll the Legos!  I think it will be a wonderful home for us.

I will show you more photos  soon.  But at  the moment we don’t have internet (it’s coming FRIDAY– hooray!!!  Finally!!!)  so I am very limited in my blogging time. I will call this post good for now, and plan to write much more regularly in this new year!

Oh, and here’s our whole clan on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Ostyns




  1. Had been checking on here the last few days for an update. 🙂 Having moved more times than I want to admit, I was sure that you were super busy—and now in the times we live part of our moving and getting back to normal revolves around getting the internet set up. (I know as we moved this fall from one rental house to another where we could get faster/better internet. Upside. Downside was we were in this house for a week withOUT internet, except on our cell phones. Just made me appreciate it all that much more once it WAS set up.

    So glad you shared the pictures here….and will look forward to more in the future. Happy New Year 2016.

  2. Congratulations! Your last photo is so beautiful, and I’m sure looking at that makes your heart full. I hope you get to enjoy many more moments of fullness in your new home.

  3. Thanks for the pics! Looks like you have lots of wonderful room to move around. Glad you had a great Christmas and got er done! Best wishes for a super New Year in your new home!

  4. Woohoo!! Congratulations! Happy unpacking. 🙂

  5. Gary Coryer says:

    Congratulations on the new house. Love the picture of the whole clan. I can tell from all the smiles that you done good!! Hope you get to relax soon and enjoy 2016 in your new place.

  6. love!

  7. I love your new living room! All that space!