Things I’m doing this week

I’m sitting here at 5:30 PM in my PJ’s yawning and waiting for my coffee to kick in. After last night’s work, I had a nice long sleep today.  So once I get to work tonight, I’ll be golden, but at the moment it’s PJ’s and yawning for me.

Hard to believe we move in a week. Though we’re getting lots done, my to-do lists don’t seem to be getting shorter. Seems like the emptier the house gets, the more little odds and ends I discover that we really ought to fix up. Am currently wondering if we really truly need to do new bathroom counters as our real estate agent recommended, or if fresh, lovely granite in just the kitchen will be enough.

Here are some of the things I’ve been working on this week.

  • Perfecting my caulking techniques
  • Learning how to install a new range hood
  • Using lots of boxes and packing tape–  we already used up that big-ol pile of boxes I got a couple weeks ago
  • Trolling Pinterest for great packing ideas
  • Planning to label my 2 quart jars at the new house with paint markers like this.  Isn’t it cute?  Here are the markers: Sharpie Oil Paint Marker
  • Painting, painting, painting– most of the main level is done, and the upstairs has been started.
  • Wrapping lots and lots of Christmas gifts.  Trying hard to keep up with the Christmas prep in the middle of the packing to move.
  • Getting far enough in packing that I am beginning to have the dreaded ‘misc’ boxes– just jumbles of odds and ends still sitting in corners in various rooms.
  • Cooking most of our dinners either on stovetop or in the turkey roaster, since our oven broke and we’re waiting to buy a new one until we move.  There’s a tater tot casserole in the turkey roaster as I type– hooray for freezer food! It’s dinner and then off to work around here.
  • Once this move gets done I look forward to blogging a little more often.  But it may be quiet around here during the busyness that is bound to be happening in the next couple weeks. Hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying your Christmas preparations!



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