We have carpet!

The crazy thing about having the same carpet for 22 years is that when you get new carpet, it looks decidedly odd for awhile.  But I suspect that those of you who have NOT spent years and years looking at my living room will more immediately see the great improvement that it is.

For comparison purposes, this first picture is one from a few years back, with different furniture.  But it shows the green carpet and the yellow paint that we just replaced.

Towards the living room



Then here’s the new paint, different furniture, but still the same old carpet.

Carpet11 (3)

And here’s the whole room all done, complete with the new paint and (hooray!) the new carpet!

Carpet11 (1)

It’s a much more neutral look than my yellow paint and green carpet, but I think it will be more pleasing to the average buyer, and (now that my eyes are getting used to it) it looks lovely and clean and serene to me as well. 
From the stairs

As you can see, I couldn’t resist adding new throw pillows for just a little pop of color though!  I love the orange for fall, and am thinking some cranberry red pillows would be a nice color for the Christmas season.

Did you spot my new floral chairs in the corner of the photo above? They were a $120 Craigslist find– truthfully a little crowded in the current space, but the living room in our new house is huge, and will fit the new furniture nicely.

Carpet11 (2)

What do you think of the chair rail painted white? A terrible thing to do to solid oak, according to my woodworker hubby, but I like the contrast it makes to the grey.


  1. I love it!!! It looks so clean and bright. I like the white chair rail too.

  2. It looks great! I love the grays with the white chair rail. And a pop of color from throw pillows was a nice touch.

  3. I wish when I moved the seller had gone to so much trouble, it looks really fresh and new and will match most peoples own furniture

  4. It’s not at all the kind of look that I personally would want, but it does have a clean and fresh look that I’m quite sure will appeal to others. I totally agree with you that the chair rail needed to be white and not the original oak color when paired with the gray paint. La Tour Eiffel artwork was an excellent choice with your new color scheme, too.

  5. I love it! and I bet a new home buyer will too!
    Good Luck with the move and sale.

  6. The white chair rail makes the room look “finished”… love it!

  7. I love it! Everything about it! We have had green carpet since we bought our house almost 19 years ago and I would LOVE to get new carpet but it just isn’t in the budget for a long time! Why do men always hate to paint wood? 🙂 It looks wonderful! ~~Pam

  8. Lisa Beth W. says:

    Men always hate to paint nice wood b/c then you can’t tell it’s wonderful wood anymore–you cover up its true character. It might as well be MDF! And I generally agree with them. But that said, I do agree that the chair rail needs to be white to go with the grey wall, if you need a quick fix. The best thing, I think, but very time-consuming, would have been to remove the chair rail, strip it and stain it a grey stain, then re-install it. I don’t think even I would have done that!

  9. Beautiful! 🙂