What we’ve liked on Netflix lately

John and I have an evening habit of 45 minutes or so of TV after the younger kids are settled for the night.  It can be a challenge to find TV that’s interesting to us both, is intelligent, and during which people mostly stay reasonably dressed and seem to have decent morals.  We both like mysteries, but I prefer the kind where crime scenes aren’t dwelt upon and the content is not too creepy.  Blacklist and Bones and several others struck out for us — just too ‘eek’. Ditto for the later seasons of ’24’.  Anyway, here are a few that John and I have really enjoyed lately.

  • Blue Bloods.  We loved this one enough that we bought the DVD set.  It shows people trying hard to do what’s right and honorable in the middle of difficult and challenging circumstances, and it does a great job showing both the struggles and joys of living in a family.
  • Psych is a lot of fun, though it tends toward goofy.
  • White Collar has some really fun, complex relationships and storylines.
  • Royal Pains is another one that can be a little goofy, but we like the characters, the houses, and the beach location.
  • Death in Paradise is a British one that we finished recently and were sad to see it done.  Along with some fun mystery and characters, the show is located on a beautiful island…aaahhhh.

Do you have similar likes and dislikes?  I’d love to hear your recommendations.





  1. We’re still sorry and Psych and White Collar are over!
    At the moment we are enjoying Forever. He’s a medical examiner and while it’s not what the show is about there is a usually an open body per episode, sometimes some rummaging, etc, so it’s a bit more juicy than morgue scenes in other shows we’ve watched.YMMV, but we’re enjoying most other aspects of it.
    Other than that we are waiting eagerly for the new seasons of Elementary, Castle, Arrow and The Flash. Elementary and Castle are probably our favorites for relationships, but they all have their own pluses and minuses.
    I’m waiting myself for the new seasons of Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time, neither of which is to Ben’s taste, but I really like.
    We watch a lot of stuff at once, haha.

    • Oh, and Sherlock! Such huge gaps between seasons it just doesn’t bear thinking of between them, haha. Next season apparently isn’t until 2017. o.O

  2. I would echo Elementary, Castle and The Flash. AND a new one that at first I rolled my eyes at, but now enjoy is The Mysteries of Laura.

  3. Jennifer Blacker says:

    Psych is great, we’re rewatching it now. Leverage is also on Netflix, great show.

  4. My husband and I love Foyle’s War. Murder mysteries but without the blood and gore, and with well-developed characters and interesting plots. I’ve recommended them to friends who complain they’re not fast-paced enough, but I guess I don’t mind slow British dramas 🙂

  5. It’s not a mystery but I’ve really been enjoying Call the Midwife.

  6. Call the Midwife is awesome and so is London Hospital, but sadly it has only one season.

  7. We love West Wing (not a mystery but classic Aaron Sorkin, with complex characters & smart humor mixed in).
    By the way, we do the same thing 🙂 but we involve whatever big kids are around 🙂

  8. We have been watching Murdoch Mysteries on Hulu, I believe it’s also on Netflix (just not as many seasons, if I’m remembering correctly). It takes place in Toronto at the turn of the last century. Lots of early forensic techniques and a woman medical examiner!

  9. I love Blue Bloods! Recently finished all of the seasons on Netflix and caught the last one on Hulu.
    Also, I enjoyed Friday Night Lights and Arrow. My husband and I recently finished watching Jericho on Netflix. It was good too!

  10. Sherry Blair says:

    We, too, enjoy Death in Paradise (and we actually spend most of the year out in the Caribbean on a different island so we enjoy seeing much of the same scenery we do from here). Blue Bloods is one of my all time favorite shows, as well as my husband’s. We got hooked on Longmire when it was on A&E and just finished up the fourth season that Netflix produced. And we have watched Person of Interest on regular tv, but are now going thru the four seasons on Netflix. (Fifth season won’t start til later on in the season and is rumored to be the last one–only 13 episodes.)

  11. I second the nominations on Psych, Leverage, and Sherlock! I’ve also recently enjoyed When Calls the Heart. Very, very clean. That said, the believability is a bit wanting at times. There’s only one season on Netflix at the moment. Totally a chick flick show, but nice to watch something innocent. 🙂

  12. I too loved Call the Midwife! I also truly enjoyed Rectify which is a drama from the Sundance Network. Great acting and very interesting cinematography. It is still on Sundance and just finished it’s 3rd season and renewed for a 4th.

  13. My husband and I love Foyle’s War.