Something to celebrate

This week I’m joining in with Erika and Esther talking about things to celebrate in our lives.  I’d love it if you’d add a thing or two in comments about the good stuff in your own life.

  • My family has made it through four months of momma being back to work part time, and I think we’re all doing well!
  • We leave for Ethiopia on Tuesday!  I’m hoping the internet connections will be good enough to allow me to blog every couple days while we’re there so I can share our adventures with you in (almost) real time.
  • Here’s some great encouragement to nurture our children’s hearts instead of just corralling their actions.
  • Erika’s baby is due in just 4 weeks– we are so looking forward to meeting the newest little one.  Hopefully she will wait to arrive til after we get home from Ethiopia.
  • Josh and Ben got all registered for school.  Their counselors were encouraging and helpful.  They were incredibly respectful of the learning the boys had already done, which I really appreciated.  They gave me credit for having done a good job to prepare them for their senior year, and I left feeling like they wanted to be allies and encouragers during this our first foray into public school.

That’s about it from here– I’d love to hear what you’re celebrating at your house these days!



  1. Hi, Mary, I’m glad to find your website through the #wholemama series. I’ll be looking forward to reading about Ethiopia!

  2. I am celebrating being pregnant again after 5 miscarriages! It is still early, but I am being closely followed and so far, so good! Looking forward to an ultrasound in a week and a half to hear baby’s heartbeat. Then, hopefully, I can relax…:)

  3. Hope all goes well for your Ethiopia trip! May God grant safety and blessings! My youngest son traveled to Japan for a month this summer to study anime/manga and visit with a host family. He had a great time and learned a lot. I’m thankful for his safety during the trip!