Got a photographer-wannabe at your house?

I haven’t done a giveaway for a long time, but I am excited about the one I have for you today. In our family, there are several kids who frequently grab my camera or my phone to either take selfies or to get photos of what’s going on around them.   If there’s a kid like that in your family too,  I have just the giveaway for you.

Next week National Geographic is releasing the National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography: Tips & Tricks on How to Be a Great Photographer.  The fun and accessible book is packed with great info for budding photographers.   In this book kids can learn all sorts of essential photography concepts from setting up shots, working with lighting, and improving composition.


Photographer in training

Photographer in training

Kids (and adults!) can even learn how to set up a camera’s manual settings, something that professional photographers see as an essential skill for working in tricky lighting situations. Animals, people, sports, and landscape photographer are all discussed in a very kid-friendly way.  Info is broken into colorful short paragraphs and interspersed with lots of great photos.  In my opinion, this book is geared toward kids ages 10 and up, though a motivated younger child could also learn plenty if he was a strong reader.

Getting Started Nat Geo Guide to Photos, credit Annie Griffiths

I am giving away one copy of this book next week.  If you know someone who you think would be interested in it, comment below.  For a second entry, like this post on facebook or share it on twitter, and then come back and comment again.  I think this book would make a great Christmas gift for an interested kid.   I’ll announce a winner next week!




  1. Just bought my young son a camera from Goodwill, and he’s been taking pictures nonstop. This would be great for him 🙂

  2. My daughters would really enjoy a book like this. They enjoy dressing up in costumes and heading outdoors to make some interesting pictures. The neighbors may think we are a little odd 🙂

  3. Oooo! I think this would make an EXCELLENT Christmas present for my 12 year old son!

  4. Bethany says:

    I have a 12 year old daughter who would love this!

  5. What a great gift this would make! I’d love to win it.

  6. Jenny Gray says:

    My B would LoVe this book. She just turned 11.

  7. My daughter would LOVE this book! Every time she hears or reads about a photo contest, she’s begging me to enter. Some afternoons, she just wants to borrow my camera to go out in the backyard and take pictures of “wildlife” (we live in the city, so there’s not much in the way of wildlife in our backyard beyond bunnies, birds, and the occasional squirrel).

  8. Melissa says:

    That book looks like so much fun for a kid!

  9. We have a reader who is struggling to find appropriate reading material since her reading level is so advanced. She also gets to use daddy’s nice camera from time to time, so understanding all of the hows and whys behind his camera would be awesome! She is really starting to have an eye for photography and design.

  10. My ten year old would love this, as would her younger brothers probably also!

  11. Looks like a great book!

  12. Danielle F says:

    Looks like a great resource! My three girls love photography although each appreciates a different subject. This book would surely be used!

  13. My kids would love this!

  14. This would interest several kids in my household–and me!

  15. My children would love this.

  16. I have a son who would love this. He is a huge fan of national geographic, and loves photography and instruction books.

  17. I like photography!

  18. Wow! I could use that book!

  19. My daughter’s 12th birthday is coming up and she loves to take photos. She would really enjoy this book!

  20. My 10 year old and 9 year old love to take pictures!

  21. Kristy B says:

    I am sure my daughter would love this, and so would I! IT would be great!

  22. One of my goals is to take better pics- what better way than to make this a home school project and learn together! Our family would enjoy this book, esp. to be able to catch good pics of our little dog who doesn’t hold still for long.

  23. I would love a copy !! Purchased a DSLR camera and am still working on manual use.

  24. Oh what a great gift for my 12 year old daughter!

  25. All of my kids love taking pictures!

  26. Ruth Hansen says:

    I definitely have a budding photographer. She wants to someday own a big white van completely filled with fun accessories and she spent her own money this last year on a nice camera. 🙂 So fun!

  27. We love those books. We have one about Castles, and one about Space, I think. 🙂

  28. Amanda D says:

    I have three kids (14, 12 and 10) that all like to take pictures. This would be a great addition to our library!

  29. My eight-year-old son loves to take photos with my old camera — he shoots in full manual mode more than I do! This book looks great.

  30. My daughter would love this!


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