Password, smashword

I had this post all ready to go the other day, but then my blog went toes up and now here it is a week since my last post.  The good news is that (obviously) the blog is fixed.  My computer is also fixed, finally.  Hooray!  And a final (also overdue) bit of good news is that I finally can announce the winner of my last week’s book giveaway Every Bitter Thing.  It is commenter #8 Suzanne Slagell.  Suzanne, email me your address and I will get this book headed your way.

Overall, work is going very well, but ohmygoodness– last week I was ready to scream from password frustration.  So.many. You see, charting on the OB labor unit  happens in two different computer programs, and nurses are also constantly moving back and forth between computers in patient rooms and  computers at the nurses’ station, with each separate program on each separate computer requiring a new login.


Some things have to be charted at the bedside, and other things can more conveniently be done at the desk, so it’s not like you can just use one computer.  You can also expect that any time you walk away from the computer for more than 5 minutes, you’ll be automatically logged out.  On top of that, labor and delivery nurses need to chart every 15-30 minutes. It is completely normal to have to type in your password three or four dozen times in 12 hours.

Three days of that, and last week I came home needing to pay bills, with the banking software logging out automatically every time I’m idle for 3 minutes, and John’s computer doing the same thing to me every time I went idle for 10 minutes.  And then came the grocery store and trying to remember the PIN # for my new debit card. This week I’ve come to a truce with the situation.  But last week– yikes= I was SO tired of passwords.

On the bright side, I got to help with TWO births last week, and another this week– an utter delight and privilege.  I really love helping laboring women. To make it even nicer, for all three of those births I got to work with the only two doctors who actually still know me from years ago when I worked.

Though lots of the workflow is still unfamiliar, I have the feeling that once I master the equipment and become familiar with all the various protocols, the stress level will go down markedly and I will be able to move through the day with less of the scatter-brain feeling and more efficiency.  Already the IV pumps that felt hard a couple weeks ago feel very doable.  I am feeling very encouraged overall.

Even better, the kids seem to be doing well at home.  We’ve been arranging fun activities a day or two a week for the younger girls, which they enjoy.  The kids are getting their school done.  It is fun to get texts from the teens now and then during the day, and the younger girls come snuggle with me on the couch in the evenings when I get home.  We’re making this work!

Good news in the mother of the groom dress department too.  I ordered the dress on the far right in this post, and ended up loving it.  I think it’d be a dab better if I lost 5 pounds or so, which I want to do anyway. (As infrequently as I’m managing to eat while at work, I’m thinking that’s going to be happening soon!) And I’m also trying to get back to running every couple days.  But my girls say it looks great just as it is, so I think it just may be the winner.

In other news, the new baby chicks that we got this spring are getting big.  I’l have to get a picture of them for you soon.  They are lots of pretty different colors.

I must head off to bed now, as I have one more early morning this week. Then Friday is a date with the grandbabies!  🙂  What fun!


  1. Oh man! I can’t imagine all that you’re learning at once! It’s one thing when they change things one at a time – but starting new with all the computer charting! Hang in there!

    I got a new debit card and pin a couple months ago. That PIN number has always stressed me out. And then last week – I completely forgot it! Could not remember it! I thought maybe I was losing my mind. But honestly I think I just have to many numbers in my head 🙂 I had to go to the bank and reset it. At least now it’s a number I know 🙂

  2. suzanne slagell says:

    hopefully you received my email – I wasn’t sure if service would be interrupted due to the website difficulties. just let me know if you didn’t get it and I’ll retry!