Book giveaway: Every Bitter Thing

About three years ago at a blogger’s dinner for the Dot.Mom conference, I had the privilege of sitting next to Sara Hagerty with some time to talk for awhile. As a fellow adoptive momma, I felt an immediate kinship with her, and an understanding of some of her life. But the evening left me wishing I’d had time to visit longer, as I could tell that she is a beautiful person and I just knew there was a lot more to her story than we’d really had time to talk about. I had the sense there was lots more to know.

So when I heard a few months ago that her book had just been released, I was thrilled, and eager for this chance to know a little more about how God had been working in Sara’s family.  Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet: Tasting the Goodness of God in All Things  is a deeply thoughtful, sometimes heartbreaking, always truthful telling of Sara’s story through infertility toward adoption.  Whether or not you have experienced infertility or adoption, I think you’ll find her story to be compelling.

I have the privilege of giving away a copy of Sara’s book to one lucky reader this week.  I am planning on selecting a winner on Monday, and to enter the drawing, all you have to do is comment below.  Simply tell me you’re interested in the book, or if you’d like, share one sweet blessing in your life this week.

One thing I’m enjoying is my new co-workers at the hospital.  They’re smart and funny and energetic, and I’m looking forward to knowing them better.

If you would like an additional entry for this giveaway, share this post on facebook or twitter, and then come back to comment again and tell me you did so.  And as long as you’re in the giveaway mode, you may also want to go over to Copperlight Woods where Shannon is doing another adoption book giveaway, featuring her book Upside Down and my book Forever Mom!


  1. Ann Megill says:

    Good friends.

  2. Kristie G. says:

    I would love to win this book. It sounds like a great book! I am blessed this week with my family!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    My blessing this week is friends who have been praying for me.

  4. I’d love to win this book! One sweet thing this week (and for the last 6 weeks) is my newborn baby. 🙂

  5. Kristy B says:

    I am interested in reading this book!

    One unexpected blessing in my life this week is a coffee scheduled last minute for a friend from out of town! It will be fun to see her and visit with other ladies from our church!

  6. This sounds like a great book. I’d love to read it and then pass it on to someone I know who is dealing with infertility and has recently begun contemplating adoption.

  7. sunshine

  8. Suzanne Slagell says:

    I am grateful for the sweet blessing of baseball season. I’ve been eagerly waiting for an opportunity to read this book!

  9. I got a new job.

  10. Tonya Morrison says:

    One on one time with my 19yo daughter

  11. Peace and sunshine!

  12. a blessing this week is that we found a house toove into in a new city after ours sold quickly!

  13. My mom came to visit from 550+ miles away this week. So fun having my mom to cook with, laugh at childhood memories and love on her grandkids!

  14. I would love this book.
    Our horse is shedding his winter coat, so each day my eight year old daughter and I spend a while brushing him and just talking. Her sweet thoughts mixed with horse smell is wonderful!

  15. I just met someone tonight who is where I was 25 years ago……….finishing up with infertility and ready to think adoption. But at the same time terrified about open adoption, being able to attach, you name it, all the things people fear when they start thinking of adoption.

    I would love to read this book and pass it on to her.

  16. This lovely springtime with all the flowers and sunshine; my neighbor’s grandchildren; a special gift of nice work gloves from a friend (to protect my hands when she and I do our yardwork together :o)); an invitation to see a dear friend on Saturday; Easter chocolate at 70% off! So, so many things to be grateful for!! :o))

  17. I’d love to read this book! One blessing is the anticipation of an upcoming trip with all my husband’s family.

  18. I am very interested in this book and right now am anticipating an upcoming trip with my husband’s side of the family.

  19. My blessing for this week is a lovely dinner with my friends yesteday 🙂 Enter me please, I would love to read the book!

  20. This is my story also and my blessing is my son from Korea and his mother who chose life!

  21. Brandi P says:

    I would love to read this book.

  22. My blessing this week has definitely been my husband.

  23. Infertility led to the adoption of our precious granddaughter 4½ years ago.

  24. One blessing this week for me is a much needed lunch date with my hubby!

  25. I am excited to read this book! Over the past 5 years Gods been bringing si many ladies into my life struggling with infertility. May God reveal to me how to love and support my friends through it all! Thanks for sharing this book!

    I am thankful for moms and mother in laws that have taken care of me this week as I get over the flu!

  26. My blessing this week is my two sons. The oldest was my fertility drug baby born 20 years ago and my youngest, who just turned 18 on Sunday, was my surprise baby!

  27. My blessing is that today is my 41st birthday! I would love to read this book!

  28. My blessing this week was an interview I did with someone yesterday that was about something completely unrelated, but somehow the subject of extended family came up. Listening to her stories about her husband’s mother and brother and how unreasonable and off-the-wall they are made me feel a little more positively about some of the similarly bonkers people in my own family. Sometimes it is just nice to know everyone has some of those crazy people you just try to keep distanced!

  29. OOH !! I really hope I win, because I have a friend who’s walked that same journey and I’d love to share it with her.
    And I’m blessed with some good sleep lately. I had gotten very overtired, but I had a couple of mornings off this week and I slept so well. 🙂

  30. I am so grateful that my sister is working on adopting a child. I’m so excited to walk this journey with her. (We adopted 5 kids)


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