A brand new week!

The winner of last week’s adoption book giveaway is commenter #30, is Rebekah of BekahCubed. Email me your address, Rebekah, and I’ll get your books headed your way!


Whew!  We made it through our first week of mom back at work!  My head is swimming with random factoids that I learned in orientation, to the extent that I found myself dreaming about computer charting last night.  In my dream it was going very well– let’s hope it goes that well in real life.

The kids did really well last week– checked off their check-boxes and seemed to have gotten a decent week of school in without me.  I’m glad this orientation month is happening at the tail end of the school year as subjects are winding down.  Two of the girls are already completely done with math as of this week, and most everyone is on track to be done by mid-May.  So that feels good.  Even if things don’t happen quite at full speed now, the majority of our school year is already successfully completed.

SaffronLast week Emily and Julianna spent 3 afternoons at their oldest sister Amanda’s house, which was nice for all involved.  Emily and Julianna got to do something unusual and fun, the teens had quiet time at home, and Amanda  (resting after the birth of brand new baby Saffron) had some good help as her little sisters played with the preschoolers and helped with dishes and cookie-baking.  (The essentials of life, right?)

I was assigned boatloads of online education to meet employment requirements. Among other things, I learned surgical fire prevention, fall prevention, and workplace violence prevention.  Most of the learning went well, but I totally bombed a test on the inner workings of FEMA– anyone else ever have to take that one?  My eyes glazed over in the middle of an involved 2 hour description of FEMA heirarchy and disaster management work flow, and my hope to get by on cuteness and good luck pretty much failed. 😉  Sadly I will need to retake that test.  The website didn’t even have the grace to tell me which questions I got wrong or how close I was to passing.  Bah.

However, I aced the first of three classes/tests on monitoring a baby’s heart rate in labor. (Whew!)  I was really pleased that I still remembered the vast majority of that information. Still to come: the next two fetal heart monitoring classes, an EKG class, adult and infant advanced life support, and a 16 hour breastfeeding class. (Apparently breastfeeding 7 kids does not give me an automatic pass. 🙂  ) It’s a good thing that (despite the FEMA failure) I’m generally a person who likes to learn.

This week I only work three days, which I’m hoping will feel fairly easy compared to last week’s five. In preparation for the week,  I made a big pot of soup to serve as a couple of easy lunches.  Julianna’s hair is freshly braided.  Meals are planned for the week.  The whiteboard is re-done to reflect the new week’s schedule, and I think we are just about ready to hit it again.

My computer will probably be in the shop this whole week, which means John and I are sharing one computer.  But I’ll try to check in with you a time or two more. What’s new with you?  Are you making plans for the summer?  What else are you looking forward to?  I’d love to hear from you if you happen to have the time….


  1. Leslie Creech says:

    Mary–I’m a nursing student and we have to take a lot of those workplace tests too for our clinical rotations. That FEMA one is the worst. Personally, I would rather you know how to monitor a baby’s heart rate rather than how to deal with a chemical spill (LOL). So glad you’re going back to labor and delivery. That area needs some really good moms who are empathetic to what laboring moms are having to go through. You’re going to do great once orientation is over. By the way, that computer charting isn’t the easiest thing to learn either!

  2. Mary, I am a retired nurse and have always wondered what would be involved in getting back into it. How long has it been since you worked? Best wishes and good luck with that FEMA test! Ugh!

  3. I too am an RN. I work part time. We are a family of 6. My youngest is 5 and will start school next year. I read your blog and heard you speak last year at created for care. I am so encouraged that you are going back to nursing part time and that you still plan to homeschool. We are trying to make some schooling decisions for our children and my work is a big factor. I have been reluctant to quit altogether because I fear the coming back. I will pray for you as you get back into the swing of things and juggle work and your large family.

  4. Saffron is a pretty yet unusual name. Was there any special significance to that choice?