Different perspectives

We’ve had a broken garage door opener for awhile, and today, thinking of fixing it, John dragged a box out of a corner in which was a hand-me-down garage opener, brand new in the box.  Trying to decide whether to risk installing the old thing, John broke open the sealed box and found this VHS, which should tell you a lot about just how old this garage opener it actually is.

“Look at the 80’s hair on that girl,” John exclaimed. “And the shoulder pads.”


A few minutes later our 12 year old came in the room and picked up the VHS to examine the picture. “Look at her selfie-muscles!”



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  1. Ha! I thought both “wow, look at the hair” and “those are weird arm muscles” when I first looked at it. I didn’t even realize it was a VHS tape at first, I thought it was a box of something. Then I read the post and felt silly. Hope it works for you!