Wednesday freebie

I have an odd but useful giveaway for you today.  When a representative of the Drain Wig  contacted me, explained her product and asked me if I wanted to give it a try, I was instantly interested. I currently have four girls with a LOT of hair all sharing one bathroom, and when you’ve got that many girls with that much hair sharing one shower, it can be hard on the drains.

Drain Wig_Product Shot

If you’ve every spent time fishing hair out of a bath tub drain– or paid a plumber your hard-earned bucks to do so, you might like to know about this thing too.  The gadget is called a Drain Wig, and when it is threaded into a drain pipe, it will catch any hair going down.  You leave it in the drain all the time — with the cute little plastic thing keeping it from being lost.  Then a few times a year you just pull out the drain wig, throw it away and replace it with a new one.

I just put one in the girls bathroom, so I can’t tell you how it works yet.  But I have one to give away to a reader, so you can try it yourself. To enter the giveaway, just go to the Drain Wig website, check it out, then comment below and tell me you did.  And if you interested in purchasing this gadget right away, I have a special promo code good for $5 off.  When you order, just enter the code FIZZ5 in the promo code box at check out.

I’ll pick a winner early next week!


  1. Chris of the Woodwork says:

    I did, I did!

    Sounds GREAT!

  2. Checked it out….great idea!

  3. bizarre, but so cool if it works. My husband would be thrilled, since i always seem to be shedding hair down the drain!

  4. There’s only one of me – but I still manage to clog our drains all the time. The drainwig is a fascinating concept – I’ll look forward to hearing how it works out!

  5. Beth in the City says:

    Great idea – I hope it works. I checked it out! Maybe I will get to try it for myself.

  6. I did. And if it works I’m sold! I have 3 girls and grew up with 5 sisters and there’s nothing I hate more than cleaning drains clogged with gross hair!

  7. I checked the website and this sounds like a great product! My husband would be thrilled if I won this 🙂

  8. This is such an awesome idea!!

  9. Checked out the website. This is a great idea!

  10. I checked it out. I need one badly. I have 4 daughters and myself all with long hair.

  11. Haha! I just watched the product video with my husband & he said ‘They invented that for you!’ I love my long hair, but do dread cleaning out the drain when it clogs. What a cool idea!

  12. 5 long headed ladies in my Ouse. Would love to try this product!

  13. I have 4 girls and one very husband in my house, my hubby just cleaned out our drain this weekend. This sounds like a great product!

  14. That looks awesome! I checked it out and I totally want one. I have four girls with long hair and have spent way to much time and money cleaning out our drains.

  15. Angela Mayer says:

    I took a look and would love to give it a try!

  16. Eeeew!!! I just cleaned my drain today. So nasty. I know it’s just (my own!) hair and soap, but it’s still nasty. Clever device. Seems like a good one for Shark Tank!

  17. I want one of these soooo much! I have a shower drain right now that is plugged… And I was just wishing for exactly something like this to solve the problem. Hope I win!

  18. I did! Very good idea, especially for a houseful of daughters like mine.

  19. Nancy Loring says:

    I checked out the drain Wig site and I like that they last for a few months. I also like that I would never have to touch the gross stuff that is in my drain.

  20. With 4 ladies in the house…this would be awesome!! Watched it!

  21. Good idea.
    I had a look.

  22. So I’m the only female but we still get hair clogged drains so I would love to try this!

  23. Dealing with icky hair clogs from the shower drain is one of my least favorite things. I checked out the site, this looks like an interesting product.

  24. Awesome idea! We have 6 daughters, and my husband has long hair too, so we could so use this.

  25. Wonder why no one ever thought of this before? Seems like a simple enough concept!

  26. Looks interesting!

  27. I went to the website and was very intrigued.What a neat, very useful invention! This is something that really does seem like an easy solution to a yucky problem.

  28. I checked it out! Thanks!

  29. Checked it out. How clever!!

  30. I was noticing just yesterday that the drain was acting like it might be time for another clean. I usually zip line it with a device that looks much like this, but I have to shove it down, let the hair get caught on it, then yank it back out, clean it off, and do it again until the line is clear. (Chemicals are easier but I don’t like using them unless absolutely necessary) This sounds a lot easier if it works, and would be a lot less nasty.

  31. This looks amazing. We have a big problem with hair around here, and this would be really helpful. I went to the website!

  32. Interesting! I have tons of hair that gets in our drains, then add 3 girls with tons of hair… sound like it might work!

  33. Tia Bennett says:

    Great idea! I love Moms who make useful things. If I don’t win, I will probably go buy a couple. I dredge every few months but that’s gross!
    PS. I went to the site and watched the video:)

  34. Checked it out. Awesome idea! I would love to win one.

  35. Fantastic idea. From a mom of 3 girls with long hair, this would come in handy.

  36. Who knew! I bet 99% of women and girls love this. I am so tired of finding hair in the drain. I have checked out their website and the product seems like a winner. I love that you can keep it in place!

  37. Checked out the site – It looks like a great product, wish I had thought of it! Drain cleaning is one of those things I really hate to do!

  38. Ooh! Looks interesting! I’d be curious to see if it would work!

  39. Interesting !! I wonder how it works with pet hair ?

  40. Checked it out, looks pretty cool.
    This would be so nice to have!

  41. Oh my gosh! So simple, so needed. How did all moms of girls not think of that before now! If I don’t win, I hope the code is still good next week. 3 girls with long hair, you bet we need it!

  42. Yes yes yes- we just paid a pretty penny for a pipe blockage.

  43. I just had to unclog my shower drain. YUCKY. I went to their website and watched the video.

  44. Clever idea! I see there’s one for showers and one for bathtubs. Which do you have? I’m very interested to know if it works! (And winning one would be a blessing!)

  45. Visited their website.

  46. What an interesting product. Some grossed-out dad must have invented it. I am stuck thinking about what that thing is going to look like when you pull it out. Yuck! I’m glad they are made to be disposable, rather than clean and reuse!

  47. this is definitely something that would would be useful in my house-my husband every several months has to deal with a drain clog in the shower and I’d love to try this out to keep him happy and keep my drain clog free.


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