Frugal holiday beauty

This weekend I have the fun of attending the Joy for the Journey adoptive mom retreat in Lancaster, PA. So instead of my usual frugality post, I thought I’d share some fun and frugal ways to decorate for the upcoming holidays.


 This silver and white decor could be lovely for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.



Christmas ball decor

Lots of pretty ideas for Christmas balls– A big box of glass Christmas balls is $10 at Target or Walmart.


Here are a couple of affordable and pretty ways to decorate pine cones.

Dip a pine cone in glue and dust with Epsom salts for snow-sparkled pine cones.sparkly pinecones


Or gather a bunch of pine cones with some red ribbon for a lovely alternative to a wreath.pinecone-cluster-collage

Did you know that you can slip ping pong balls over LED lights to make these lovely globe lights?


Then finally here’s a sweet craft you can make with some wood rounds and an etching tool.



Before you buy decor items at full price, be sure to look at your local thrift stores and craft stores. Often thrift stores seem to be the depository for half-done craft projects, which makes them a great place to look for ribbon, yarn, silk flowers, and many other craft and decor items such as knitting needles, beads, crochet hooks, baskets, tins, and wreaths.

If you have more ideas for affordable Thanksgiving and Christmas decor, I’d love to hear them!



  1. My littlest really gets excited about Christmas EARLY. She talks about it (all year) right after Halloween. I ask her to wait until December to start pulling the decorations out, although she works on her own to make some before that.
    SO here is my idea: I print 24 drawing sheets about Christmas and starting December 1st, she gets to color and hang on a day. It creates a beautiful “Christmas wall” that we get to see from the kitchen table.

  2. Thank you, Mary! My boys have been gifting me with pine cones, daily. The glue and Epsom salt idea is so pretty and brilliant (and looks painless)! They are going to be thrilled to do this together (and to know I’m keeping their precious gifts). Thank you!

  3. Loving those snowy pine cones. That would be great with those cinnamon-soaked pine cones. Hmm…

  4. We have had fun over the years with salt dough and making ornaments. I recently tried the “new” salt dough that is out there with corn starch and baking soda and had great results. It is harder to make (you have to cook it) but still easy and the results are much nicer – white. There are pretty things that can be made that way.

    I like the wood burned rounds – cute idea. Thanks for your round up of pretty things.


  5. Oh! I forgot to add my favorite frugal thing I do at Christmas – A couple years ago I started putting up all the previous years Christmas cards that we had sent out. I put them in frames I already had around the house and put them on display in a corner shelf. I put a few pine cones, a candle or two and some antique cameras I collect around them. I have gotten so many comments about those pictures – the progression of growing children and happy holiday wishes brings such cheer. And I get to enjoy those cards that I worked so hard on – not just send them away for everyone else.