Created for Care winner

Freebies if you order Forever Mom by Nov 4th

Happy Monday! How I wish I could send all 280 of you to an awesome Created for Care conference. I hope some of you find a way to get there soon. But rafflecopter has decreed that the winner is Christy Largent.  Congrats, Christy!

We are all learning and growing

One of the many freebies you get when you order FOREVER MOM by November 4th

You have ONE more day to get the freebies when you order Forever Mom.  Click on over to watch a video about the book, or to read what folks in the adoption community have to say about the book. To get those freebies, just send proof of purchase (ie- receipt, order confirmation, etc) to, and the free package will be emailed to you.  And once you’ve read the book, by all means, please add your own thoughts about Forever Mom on amazon.  I’d love to hear from you, and I know that others considering the book would appreciate additional feedback as well.

And thanks to everyone who shared about the book on your facebook and/or requested it at your local library.  I so appreciate all your support as this little ‘baby’ of mine ventures out into the world.


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  1. Holy Cow!!! I can’t believe I won this. How exciting!! Thank you! I’m so looking forward to getting the book ASAP…Thank you!