Need a getaway with a friend?

So today is a big day at the Owlhaven– it’s release date for Forever Mom: What to Expect When You’re Adopting!

The prayer of my heart for Forever Mom is that it will encourage and equip adoptive mommas to love their children well.  I went into adoptive motherhood having read many books, and thought I was well prepared.  But still I was surprised by some things, ill equipped to deal with others, and at times didn’t truly understand my kids’ hearts or love them as well as I longed to.

In thinking through and living through some of the challenges at our house, and in talking with lots of other adoptive mommas, I discovered that there were lots of us– ready to love our kids, but not quite aware of the different needs of kids who didn’t begin life in your home. Over the years I’ve shared some of what I’ve learned here on my blog.  Forever Mom shares what I’ve learned in greater detail, as well as telling stories from many other moms on this wonderful, blessed, yet challenging path of adoptive motherhood. And the crazy/wonderful bonus is that the skills that help us better parent adopted children also can help us more empathetically parent any child!

With Andrea, the lovely founder of Created for Care

So, to celebrate Forever Mom‘s release, I have a really, really fun giveaway.  For several years I have had the pleasure of attending and speaking at a wonderful adoptive-momma getaway near Atlanta, Georgia, called Created for Care.  The event is so popular that the creators of the event now host it twice a year, once in February and once in March.  And still it sells out completely  within hours of tickets going on sale.   The 2015 events, as we speak, are both completely sold out.

BUT, thanks to Andrea Young, founder of Created for Care, and my awesome publishing team at Thomas Nelson, here I am with TWO tickets to the February 6-8 Created for Care conference, as well as a hotel room for two nights.  Win this package and you and a FRIEND can attend the conference together!  All you have to do is get yourselves there, and all meals, lodging and activities will be covered from Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast. Snacks, too–the Created for Care team will pamper you like crazy! Isn’t that a sweet deal?

If you are interested in this lovely package,  look below for the ways that you can enter the contest.  Make sure your friend enters too, to increase your chances of winning!  SO excited that two of you will have the chance to go to this fabulous adoptive-momma retreat!

And don’t forget– everyone who buys Forever Mom before November 4th gets some neat freebies!


To get those freebies, just send proof of purchase (ie- receipt, order confirmation, etc) to, and the free package will be emailed to you.

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  1. Have always wanted to attend, and haven’t ever been able to. After the last 2+ years of trauma and pain from our latest adoption, I pray that this is the opportunity to get me there 🙂 Thanks for doing this!! 🙂

  2. Andrea Stephens says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! Thanks for doing this 🙂

  3. Ohhhhh I would love to go!! Fed all 3!

  4. I would LOVE to talk to other adoptive moms and receive and give more support! This would be amazing. There is so much you don’t even think to expect…

  5. I would so love to go to this conference and get more support as an adoptive mom.

  6. That sounds amazing!

  7. Would love to go and take a friend!!!

  8. I registered but was too late! As anew adoptive mom, I would love to go!

  9. This sounds like an amazing opportunity.

  10. Oh, I’ve been wanting to attend a retreat for the past 6 years- this would be fabulous!!!

  11. Amy Brown says:

    Hoping my friend and I both could go. We both have RAD (reactive attachment disorder) children (along with many other things)….been a rough 9 years and continuing to pray for healing in my son. Hoping he can have a chance at a “normal” life. I hold an adoption support group in my home every other Tuesday and that helps. But a get away would be amazing and sooooo needed! 🙂 thank you

  12. Just curious to who the lucky winner is? 🙂


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