Frugal Friday

With our sweet grandbabies

With our sweet grandbabies

I don’t feel like I’m completely ‘back’ after a busy couple weeks, but I decided I’d better write out a few of the things I’ve done right to get some momentum building again and work my way back fully into the frugal swing of things.

  • Ali

    Sweet Ali

    Last weekend I picked peppers and tomatoes out of our garden to bring to the adoptive momma retreat.  I’d been tempted to just grab ‘perfect’ veggies on a trip to the store, but a walk out to the garden scored me lots of produce that was almost as pretty as store-bought anyway.

  • Thanks to lots of leftover goodies from my retreat weekend, we haven’t had to buy much for groceries this week.  I’ve even pulled together the energy to cook a few times!  🙂
  • I decided to only choose one item from my Stitch Fix box, despite being greatly tempted otherwise.
  • We used coupons when bringing our youngest girls to meet the babies and our oldest daughters at the corn maze this week.  We also combined a couple of errands with that trip to save on gas.
  • I signed up to donate plasma after a friend recommended it.  We’ll see how that goes.  Apparently you can make about $45 for an hour of sitting around, and benefit someone else in the process. (Update: after reading more about risks, I’m feeling on the fence about this, and am going to think a bit longer before trying it.
  • I had the kids pick more raspberries even though we are all kinda tired of picking.  Ditto for more apples and tomatoes.  It is SO hard this time of year to get out there– I’m actually very eager for the garden to be done– but I feel good when we use what we have been so bountifully given.

How have you done in the frugality department this week?


  1. Good for you Mary! It sounds like you are getting back to regular life. I’m glad to see your frugal posts because they encourage me to be frugal too. My best frugal activity for the week is to do the seasonal clothing swap. I think we will get away without buying very much again. Plus I’m working on halloween costumes today and I reused a bunch of seasonal decorations that I have taken good care of. Have a great week!

  2. I love it that you do frugal Fridays. Helps me stay on track…I don’t know if I can claim frugal as we went to the Amish produce auction on Friday.

  3. Just thought I’d throw my 2cents in. My husband gave plasma once… NOT a good experience.

  4. Maybe kind of ot for this post…I’d like to know how many and what time of plants you have. What variety of tomato/es did you plant that you’ve got so many? How many did you plant? What variety of raspberries? etc. Is it too much for your clan or is it enough to have fresh and plenty of frozen/canned to last until next years crop? We’re getting our first serious garden (we’ve planted tomato and squash before) and I want enough to can but not so much that I’ve badly estimated and can’t find the extra a home (though our chickens will eat anything!). Just trying to gauge what we need vs what’s too much or not enough.