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blessed space

blessed space

I had the great and delightful privilege of spending last weekend on Puget Sound with a handful of mommas whose hearts and greatest challenges and greatest loves in life are similar to mine.   We laughed and cried and prayed for each other and encouraged each other and took walks together and sat around a campfire hoping the next door neighbor boys wouldn’t go skinny-dipping again.  And talked some more, and did Bible studies together, and basically ended up feeling like we’d all be best friends for life.  It really couldn’t have been a more delightful weekend.

But the thing I brought away that is more valuable even than that awesome sense of community, is what I came away deeply knowing about God.  That in all the challenges and trials of my life, no matter how deeply humbling, no matter how hard, He truly is sovereign, and He’s good, and He loves me with an everlasting love.

So often I take it upon myself to be the problem-solver, the mover, the shaker, the do-er.  And then when things don’t go my way, it’s easy to flounder, to feel inadequate, to fear that if only I could do a better job of figuring out this thing called life, that I and my family would all be living in this perfect tranquil place that looks a lot like the picture at the top of the page.

Except really God has called us to rest, to abide in him right in the middle of the storm.  To keep our eyes fixed on Him. And then to point our loved ones to that perfect Place of rest that is Jesus.  The One who is constant whether I’m sitting on a sunny deck surrounded by quiet and sunshine and precious friends and miles and miles of water, or scurrying around in my kitchen cooking dinner while the dog whines and the kids argue and we need to be in the car in 10 minutes in order to get to that soccer game on time.

A peaceful weekend is a short-term gift, no matter how wonderful.  Being equipped to rest more fully in the true peace that  is in Jesus– that gift is priceless indeed.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts, friend. I’m so glad I got to share that weekend with you. I’m still thinking of so much that I learned.

  2. What a wonderful weekend — and I’m so happy for the lasting impact of it.