Buy a sweet treat and support adoption

This post was sponsored by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Wendy's coupon books are here!

Wendy’s coupon books are here!

I have something really fun to tell you about this week. Every year, Wendy’s sells Halloween Frosty™ Coupon Books and gives $3 million of the profit to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Not only is this a great cause, but the coupon book is only $1 for 5 free Jr. Frosty coupons (at participating Wendy’s for a limited time). Talk about a sweet deal.

Wendys2The coupons are on sale during October  (get yours quick before they run out!)  and they’re good from November 1st to February 1st. This means they’d be awesome for all sorts of fall and winter giveaways.  Halloween is an obvious time where it’d be easy to give them away.  (Parents, don’t be surprised if they show up in some of your kids’ Halloween treat buckets!)   But I also think they’d be great to stick in a card as part of a birthday gift, or even in a Christmas stocking.  Who wouldn’t want a free Frosty?

The best thing is that this promotion benefits adoption from foster care, a cause that was very near and dear to the founder of Wendy’s since he was an adoptee himself.  My adopted kids came via international adoption, but this weekend I had the chance to visit with ladies whose kids were adopted out of foster care.  The need is absolutely tremendous, and the really wonderful thing is that adoption from foster care is a very affordable option. Click here to read more about the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program.

If you have a heart for adoption, I hope you’ll consider buying some of these coupon books for your gift-giving needs.  I’d also love it if you’d share this post on facebook or twitter by clicking the social media buttons below this post.  Kids need families. Wendy’s is committed to helping this very important cause.  And thanks to Wendy’s Frosty coupons, you can help too.

Learn more about how Wendy’s supports foster care adoption.



  1. Cool! I know where I need to go today! 😀

  2. Melanie E. says:

    Just make sure to check for location limits when you buy. I bought 5 of the little keychain cards (same deal, just a little plastic card instead of a booklet) last year, with the intent of using them as stocking stuffers. Lo and behold, they were only good at our two local Wendy’s, so I couldn’t give them to my nieces and nephew who live in another city.

    I still didn’t mind, because it is a good cause (I’m an adoptee myself) but I was a *little* annoyed that I couldn’t give them away like I’d intended.

    • I don’t know if yours were different, but the keychain things we could get here were reusable; you could get free cups every visit. I don’t remember details so you might have had to make a purchase for the cup but if you did, it was anything they sold including from the value menu. Something one person could use 100 times is probably a little less palatable to the stores than a one-off coupon.

  3. Strange how this is so different depending on where you are. I stopped in today to get one, and my booklet was for TEN Frosty coupons, not just five. I checked it for location restrictions, and it only says “at participating stores” which is remarkably unhelpful.

  4. Tiffany R says:

    We bought ours already! And we have used 3 of the coupons! Even though they say they don’t start until Nov. 1st, the Wendy’s around us are already redeeming them. A nice little (literally) treat for my kiddies!

  5. Yay for helping kids in foster care find forever families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!