My girl at 12

This girl of mine. I got a few pictures of her at her little niece Ali’s first birthday, and I just love how they capture her. She’s growing up on me lately– is only half an inch shorter than I am at barely 12. I think she’s going to be a tall lady. Two years of being an auntie have made her proficient at baby-handling. She just loves the little ones, and totes them around with assurance and joy.
Em and Ali

She’s also quick to clown around with her big brothers, will still play Barbies happily with her baby sis, and is overall just so much fun to have around. She’s one of those people who can converse graciously and happily with anyone, whether she knows them well or not at all. And she has the most humorous way of expressing astute observations about life and the people around her. She is a true natural people person.

Em and Daniel being silly

She’s becoming such a young lady.  She has definite opinions about fashion, and is beginning to experiment with her own hairstyles.  Lately she’s been wearing it down a lot, which I absolutely love, but didn’t do often in the past because it got so tangled.  But these days she can get the tangles out herself, so the style decisions are hers to make.  I adore the beautiful girl she’s always been, and am loving to see the wonderful woman she’s becoming.  What a blessing she is in all our lives!

Em with the kiddos



  1. What a very beautiful young lady. So much inner beauty shines through those eyes!

  2. She IS incredible! Love her so much! ♥️

  3. Mary,
    You’ve done a great job with this young lady! The love of life just radiates from her. My little one (only six) oscillates between being a kitten and a roaring tiger. Sometimes I wonder which she is but then I realize the answer is both!!! ;-)) It will be interesting to see where she is in six more years. Its been a while since there’s been a girl in my side of the family so this is definitely a new adventure.

  4. Awww, she IS beautiful!! I have my own precious Ethiopian daughter. My little girl is only 5 and while I don’t want her to grow up too fast, it is awesome to imagine a day when she can detangle her own hair!!

  5. Beautiful family pictures. It is so nice to see how they grow up and become their own person.

  6. She seems lovely! My oldest is 12 and it certainly is neat watching them grow.
    Also, that is a cute cake!!!

  7. Happy birthday, young lady! These pictures do indeed show a zest for life and quite a playful side. This life journey is so much more fun if you look for the positive and entertaining portions of it!