Frugal Friday


I’ve got almost nothing for you this week.  It was a very busy erranding/soccer practice/school prep kind of week which always results in eating fast food more often than is strictly necessary.

  • One day when the fast food craving hit, we did go with McDonald’s instead of Jimmy John’s which would have been twice the cost.  So I guess that was a victory, kinda.  Another day we had Chinese food at the restaurant where my daughter has worked all summer. Not the most affordable but I’d been wanting to try her restaurant out for awhile, and it was fun to see her there, hard at work.
  • This week I canned 25 quarts of tomatoes and 15 quarts of pickles.  I also did about 8 pints of raspberry plum jam. And still there are cukes in the fridge and tomatoes and plums on the counter.  Yikes!
  • I stocked up on school notebooks on sale.  I still need to get more though.  I think I only have a couple dozen, and that’s not enough to get through the year.
  • Our pool pump broke this week, so new parts are being ordered.  Bah humbug.  Definitely a ding in the budget, but I guess we should just be glad we got nearly 6 years of use out of a pump that was old when we got it.  (Hooray, Craigslist!)
  • I combined a whole bunch of errands several days this week, so at least we got good use out of all that gas and time in the car!
  • We are opting to go to the fair on the very last day this year, which means half price admissions.  We are giving the kids $10 each to spend, for food or rides or whatever, and the rest is up to them.

That’s all I have for you this week.  I’d love to hear more successes from you!



  1. I don’t think I’ll be of much help as this was not a great week for me, either. I did resist the call to pick up ready made food during the week, but then I went grocery shopping this morning… It was all real food including a bunch of produce (since I don’t have a lovely garden) and not processed junk (with the exception of the soda that was on an amazing sale and had a coupon on top of that), but it still added up. On a happy note, we’ve been wanting seafood for a while and we’ll be having some for dinner tonight! I guess it wasn’t a bad week, actually, as I didn’t buy frivolous things, but I did still spend a fair amount of money.

    • Instead of sodas with all the sugar, and other bad ingredients in it — try Fresca. My kids love that they are allowed a soda and I am happy no junk in it.

      • Fresca is the one that is sort of grapefruity, isn’t it? I liked that one in the past. My son inherited a love of root beer from my mom. That was and is her favorite, even though she drinks soda maybe twice a year. We rarely had it around when he was younger, but as kids become teens they develop their own tastes and opinions. Since the kid is in college and turned 20 this week (gulp) I figure he is old enough to make his own decisions even though he still lives at home. He doesn’t usually complain when meals include a bunch of veggies he doesn’t like, so I just bite my tongue on the soda issue. He knows I’m not a big fan, he knows it is not good for him, and he knows that I get it in cans for portion control as he’ll stick to just one can which is better than a whole 2-liter bottle.

  2. My big savings this week: Friend gave us a plate of baked zuchinni chips with recipe. All I can say is WOW. What a savings over buying storebought chips and are good for you.

  3. Tiffany R says:

    I bought chicken at a new grocery store for $1.77/lb. Great price!

    I also found a like new pair of Teva sandals for $5 at a yard sale. Score!

    We had a great week!

  4. Found grapes and plums for 1.00/lb. It is silly how much this thrills me, but I read on another blog this week about freezing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to have on hand for easy lunches. So I made a whole bunch and stuck them in my freezer. My kids are just getting old enough to where they can help by making peanut butters and jelly at lunchtime but it’s not much of a timesaver because it takes them a while, and it makes a big mess. But we’re still working on that. So how is that frugal? Well, in my case, The bread needed to be used up. That’s a win in my book!

  5. I never got a chance to respond last week so this is actually a few “frugal wins” from the past 2 weeks because I’m not sure which week they occurred. I hope that is ok.
    ~Two different church sales provided an Under Armor shirt for DS#1 and a pair of much needed sweat pants for DS#2 for $1 each. I haven’t had much luck finding clothes for them at thrifts so I was quite happy to find these in great shape, the right size and a great price.
    ~At the same sales I found a stack of over 200 fabric strips cut to the perfect size to make reversible headbands. The truly amazing thing is that on my recent mission trip to Nicaragua everyone loved the fabric headbands I make so I decided when I go back I would take them for all the mamas in the community. I was so happy to find these and get the confirmation that this was truly the next step to take for the sewing ministry I started at my church. I also got more supplies to continue making pillowcase dresses that we take to Nicaragua. We took 168 dresses last month and I buy the supplies on a non-existent budget so frugal or free is good!
    ~Got several things from the free boxes at each sale- a stack of recent sewing and decorating magazines, 6 large flowerpots, a pair of gardening gloves and some craft supplies which we will use at church. I also found a label maker that hooks to your computer that prints mailing labels. I have wanted one of these for years for my job but they sell for over $100. This is an older model but all the cables and the software was there so I was thrilled!
    ~School supply shopping I used Staples and Walgreens Rewards to buy the pens and pencils my son needed and to buy supplies for the Mexican orphanage our church supports. I also got 14 packs of college ruled loose leaf paper from Staples for $3 at a yard sale. The funny thing is I had been waiting for a good sale and had yet to buy any!
    ~Found bananas for .10/lb. at Aldis which we ate all week and then made some into banana pineapple muffins.
    ~Got 25 lbs. of tomatoes from Freecycle which I’m using to make tomato jam.