the danger of ‘while we’re at it’

I’m following my daughter Erika’s lead and doing a post on what I’ve been doing this month.

The project I’m most excited about is the remodel in the boys’ bathroom.  It’s been needing an update for awhile.  Leaking shower =damaged floor. We decided that while we’re at it– watch out for that dangerous word, all ye who remodel!– we might as well upgrade from a little tiny shower to a full tub.  And to make space for that, we needed to move a wall. Here’s a sketch-up of the planned change in floor plan.  It’s actually only a 20 inch by 6 foot long addition.  But it made space for a tub and a quarter turn of the sink.  That change will allow a bit of standing room in the bathroom, something it was very short on before.

bath layout change

So a 20-inch wall move?  Not a huge deal if you have a competent woodworker for a husband, right? But it turned out that the sink vent stack was in that wall.  AND the shower plumbing is also going to be moved around the corner to a different wall, to accommodate the new tub.  Grand total on the plumbing alone? Somewhere in the $1200 range.  Yikes.    But the work has needed to be done for awhile and it will be a wonderful upgrade, so we are doing it.  The new tub got dragged upstairs today by my strong sons.  🙂  And here’s a pix of my handsome hubby in that sliver of new space in the midst of the adding-on.

New space

I’ll keep you posted.


  1. I have one of those “while we’re at it” projects on graph paper, as well!! Not sure if it will ever get to do it, but it’s a beautiful plan 😉

    • i recently bought myself a whole notebook of graph paper. I love planning projects!! 🙂

      • Sounds like I ought to convert my drawings from my legal pad to graph paper. It looks like someone who knows what they are doing did it that way. 🙂 We’re considering a complete home remodel, adding another floor to our home by raising the roof.

  2. Also looks as though there is room for lots of open shelving wherever you wanted in this space. I love open shelving for personal bathroom baskets (every child has their own with deodarant, soap, lotions, clippers, pumus stone, etc.), extra towels, and washcloths.
    Have you considered a pocket door or a farm door on the outside to give the guys a bit more space in the room?

  3. Kim at Thistle Dew says:

    We completely understand the danger of “while we’re at it!” Our version of explaining the remodeling “extra’s” is “If you give a mouse a cookie…”
    …and just like in the kids’ picture book, it always leads to something else. My mom stopped in the other day to see the progress we’re making on our home changes, and said not to tear anything else up until we get some of these things finished! 😀

    Thank you so much for The Nesting Place, Mary! It came at just the right time, and now I’ve let my daughter borrow it to read! What a surprise to find out Imhad won it!

    Have a great Friday!
    Kim 🙂