Frugal Friday: Teen Car Edition


This week was a big one for one of our teens.  After a couple years of working and saving, he was able to buy his first car.  He found this 1995 Cadillac for the princely sum of $1100.  Of course that didn’t include the new battery and oil change it immediately needed, or the price of that first tank of gas. He’s feeling pretty broke right now. But we are pretty proud of our boy for saving and working to buy this car on his own.

How did frugality go at your house this week?  I’d love to hear some of the ways you’re teaching your kids about wise spending.


  1. I had a Frugal disaster yesterday. After taking the kids to the dentist I offered lunch out. We decided on our favorite local coffee shop. They have sandwiches too. I was past the point of hunger and this greatly affected my reasoning abilities. For six of us it was $50.00!! Sandwiches (half the kids didn’t like them), a latte for me and a baked good for each kid. Added to this was a tantrum meltdown from my 6 year old daughter. I still feel sick to my stomach.
    On a happy frugal note….I went through all the kids closets and I don’t need to buy hardly anything for back to school. All 4 boys have new or newish pants in the closet. I keep bins of each size. I already bought shoes (on sale) and everyone has a nice coat. All that I have to buy are some pants for my daughter.

  2. By example. I am a huge saver putting away one quarter of monthly income, don’t have any ‘toys’, spend little on myself, buy local but even then seldom, and volunteer at local live theare.
    Pay cash for everything but house and selling that to just pay off mortgage. All that savings will pay off as using it to pay cash for condo. Hate debt and want to enjoy every day knowing I truly earned it.

  3. Tiffany R says:

    This week we had planned on going on vacation but decided to do a “staycation” instead. So, we saved lots of money just going around town to do things. I had free tickets to a few venues and we had season passes to another two. We also got free tickets to a concert so that was fun too!

    We also had several items on Craigslist and Ebay for sale and many of them sold. One of them was a meat smoker my husband got from a yard sale for $2 that he cleaned up and resold for $30. Yeah for extra income!

    One of my favorite frugal finds this week was one that happened today. My daughter is having a back to school sleepover in Friday night and she asked me if I could buy an assortment of candy for the girls. I said I would try to find some on sale but couldn’t promise anything. Then I left for a quick trip to the grocery store and they had select candy bars clearanced out at 5/$1. I also had 2 $.55 coupons so I bought 25 candy bars for $4.05 with tax. That was God blessing us with exactly what my daughter asked for. I brought them home and hid them in the garage fridge so that no one would eat them before the sleepover. I love when God works things for our good!

    Have a great week!

    • You got some great bargains! It really is awesome to see all the different ways God provides not only for our needs, but also for our wants. I remember once my daughter asked me to buy chopsticks and the next day I found a whole set of them at a yard sale.


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