Stitch Fix #10


I got my latest Stitch Fix in the mail yesterday and I was so thrilled with these items as I pulled them out of the box. There were so many pretty details and colors I love.  Just look at the details on these tops.  So much fun.




I approached this stitch fix with a bit of trepidation, however.  In the juggling act that is my life, I’ve dropped the ball lately in the fitness department. I have only been exercising 1-2 days a week for several months and am not at my trimmest– bah.  I just last week got back to counting calories and exercising more–and hope to be back to a better weight by winter.  I know all that I’ve been doing lately, and am trying to extend myself grace.  But still I’m not loving the way I look, even in these adorable clothes.

1. Kaleidoscope pattern top

This top is cotton and comfy, with a back edge that goes longer than the front, a feature I like.  It felt really nice on, and I thought it was a sure keeper, but looking at the photo I’m not sure.  Does it look old-lady-ish?  Or cute?  The style card suggested that you could wear it with a jeans jacket, which means it could wear it into fall, something that appeals to me.



2. Maxi dress

I LOVED the style of this straight out of the box, including the way it is made to be a little blousy under the bust.  It actually has an inner bodice layer that is shorter than the outer bodice so that the looseness stays.  I wasn’t sure how it would look on me, but I ended up liking it on me way better than I thought I would. My husband absolutely loved it and called it a keeper.  I could picture wearing it out on a date as-is, especially since he likes it so much.  But most of the time I’d probably feel more comfy wearing it with something over top, maybe a v-neck tee so that some of the dress’s stripes show still, or maybe even with a lacy t? A shrug?



3. Stripe tank

This top is one I am absolutely going to keep. It flows nicely, fits great, is bright and cheery, and is very cool for summer.  A sure winner.



4. Beige Cardigan

This soft knit cardigan appealed to me very least of all the items.  But at least one of my teen daughters loved it, so of course that made me doubt my instincts.  It is soft and comfy, but I’m not sure if the looseness is flattering, or just makes me look wider.   It feels like overall in need of a color boost– maybe a turquoise tank top underneath would be better than the peach one I chose to model it with.


Here I experimented with tying the front of it in a knot, to make it feel less wide and boxy.  Again, I’m not sure.


5. White Top

I love, love, love the details  and length of this sweet white top. My husband was less certain and said it made him think of a dutch girl.  It is soft and feminine and I think would be nice and cool to wear in the heat.  Plus the accents are turquoise, my favorite color in the universe.  But it is a little fluffy.  Maybe too young for me?


Overall, I think my Stitch Fix stylist did a great job choosing styles I love.  If I choose to keep all of the pieces, I will get a 25% discount, which basically breaks down to the same as choosing only 4 of the 5 items.  So if I like 4 of them enough to keep, I might as well just buy them all.  And I do have some Stitch Fix credits, which makes it doable.  But I’m still on the fence about 2 (3? 4?) of these items.  I’d love to get your feedback.

If you are interested in getting a fix of your own, or in earning Stitch Fix credits by referring your friends to Stitch Fix, just click on the box below to tell Stitch Fix about your style preferences and schedule your first fix.  If you enjoy Pinterest and have a style board there, I highly recommend linking to your Pinterest page with your Stitch Fix account, as that really helps your stylist choose things that you will like.  (If you’re curious, here’s my Style board on Pinterest.)

Stitch Fix


  1. 1. I like the pattern! It would be great under a jacket…but I’m not sure it works by itself.
    2. Love the Maxi! It is great by itself!
    3. So fun!
    4. Keep it! It’s a great look for you and seems super flattering however you decide to wear it!
    5. I could go either way? I can see the light summer appeal. I halfway wonder if you could find a wide turquoise belt to give it a little more edge if it feels too young? It is pretty 🙂

    • Linda Sue says:

      I agree with Erika – and I’m not a huge fan of the cardigan – so unless it is a bargain price – probably not. ANY item of clothing my significant other (spouse) says is a keeper goes immediately to the front of my closet and becomes a go to dress! After all – we might dress to please ourselves but it never hurts to please our mate!! About the Dutch girl comment – maybe but it is quite hip and with a pair of while capris – woo hoo

  2. Jennifer says:

    I like the first shirt and the maxi dress. I think the 2nd shirt is fun and looks good on you.
    The cardigan was not something I would choose but I think you are right that it would look better with a pop of color under it. The last shirt looks really light and airy and would be a nice shirt to wear when it’s hot. You could wear it with jeans or shorts.

    I hear you about falling off the exercise wagon:) I’m slowly getting back on schedule.

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Fun!!!

    I really like the cardigan tied, and with a bright color it’ll be better too. Keeper

    Love the dress… Will be cute in fall with a denim jacket too. Keeper

    I’m a fan of the white shirt too…

    I like them all, but those three are my faves!

  4. I like the white shirt the best. I have been trying to find light cotton blouses that cover me up from the sun on my chest and shoulder.

  5. I loved them all number 5 was my least fav but I did think it was def still doable

  6. I love everything but the cardi, but the dress and the tank are the very best.

    Order of liking is 3, 2, 1, 5, 4. 🙂

  7. My absolute favorite is the dress. I have been kicking myself most of the summer for neglecting to buy a similar dress. Like you, I would want something on my arms. I think a coordinating denim jacket would look cute with a fun, chunky necklace. As for the other pieces, I am not as sold on them, but that is just because they are not suited to my taste.

  8. JenniferO says:

    You look fabulous in the maxi and tank! Wait to find something else in turquoise for Fall. If hubby doesn’t love it, you will think of that every time you wear it 🙁 Although, it can be a cute dutch girl chuckle between the two of you 🙂

  9. My favorite item is that last shirt – the white is super summery and I think it looks adorable!

  10. The white shirt is so pretty and light and feminine. It looks great on you. Definitely my favorite. I also really like the dress!

  11. I love the maxi dress…..the cardigan i don’t love….the white Dutch shirt is adorable…..the stripe one i am on the fence about… the kaleidoscope one with a jacket 🙂

  12. Just bought a very similar maxi-dress from Lane Bryant. Technically, it was in the lingerie side, and a night gown (!), but it was $25 and looks great. I am going to wear it with a half-tee in the summer (to cover my arms, but not add a layer) and a light black cardigan in the fall. Very useful!

    Love number 3!

  13. You look amazing in the maxi dress! I love when my husband notices clothes so yay. I actually really love the first shirt and think it looks flattering on in the picture. I think that the cardigan is one of those things I’d want to keep but then never wore because I couldn’t get it just right… I’m thinking if you aren’t going to keep the dutch shirt maybe not the cardigan either since you were on the fence. But when it comes down to it, you really looked nice in everything!

  14. Mary,

    Sounds like you should keep them all or only keep the dress and tank. I actually really like 1 and think it’d look cute w a jean jacket this fall. The cardi would look much better w a bright turquoise or hot pink tee under it!

    Stitch fix seems fun! If I could ever get it together to lose a little weight, maybe I’ll try it!

  15. I love the maxi dress too — and it would work with a jean jacket into fall. And the tank is definitely not old-ladyish! You look great in it. I like the cardigan tied, and I think turquoise or maroon/raspberry would change the way you see it.

  16. I really do not care much for these clothes, but I must say you make them all look good!
    You look like a teenager. Please do not worry about your weight. You are extremely pretty. The weight will come off when it is time.
    You created an awesome family/community.
    I am thankful for your time and effort.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  17. Actually, my favorite on you is the beige cardigan! 🙂 I think it looks okay tied, but I really like it loose. I don’t think it makes you look “wide” but emphasizes the space between the fabric and you.

  18. I think 1, 2, and 3 look great on you – especially the maxi dress. All three have potential for fall wear with an additional layer. Cute clothes!

  19. The only one I like on you is the striped tank top. The rest are ‘off’ for some reason cannot totally explain- they just don’t do anything for you.

  20. Mary – I’ve been thinking about doing Stitch Fix. Since I am a frugal lady like you, I was wondering – do you think it’s worth the money?

    • Amy,
      It definitely falls in the fun splurge department. If you have friends who like the personal shopper idea, the credits you get from referrals can make it very affordable, however! 🙂

  21. Mary I think you look great: healthy and happy!

    None of these clothes struck me as being in your color palate – I’m thinking you are a summer with your blond hair. The beige cardigan washes you out. BTW – turquoise is definitely in your color palate!

    The striped tank is cute, but the first thing I noticed is that the stripes don’t match. Not a sign of great quality.

    The maxi dress looks super comfy and the loose bust is a very nice feature.

  22. Crystal Cowles says:

    I enjoy seeing your fixes!
    the kaleidoscope top is so special! I want it!!! very flattering.
    and the cardigan is my second fav. the color looks great on you & looks so soft & comfy.

  23. I especially like #3. Would you mind giving the full description so I can Pin it?

  24. I think the first three look great and I don’t care for either of the last two. I would normally not like the print of the striped tank, but it looks great on you. The cardigan color does not complement your skin tone. The white dutch girl shirt looks a bit sheer, but that tassel down the front just seems odd.

  25. Just came across this post while searching up more about Stitch Fix. I love the maxi dress you got and all these amazing pieces are convincing me to sign up for myself too! 🙂 Have you heard of/ tried a similar service but for skincare called Vain Pursuits? I heard about them on youtube and think they send you skincare products based on a profile. I want to get more opinions before giving it a try!


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