Frugal Friday

berriesOver a couple days time we picked 5 pounds of raspberries and 4 pounds of plums, so on Monday I made more jam. The berries are looking really nice this year. It was a nice wet spring, and we also did a good job pulling out dead canes. I am hoping to make plum jam later this afternoon, because the ones I picked Monday are now nice and ripe. They’re small plums and will need a bit of sugar, but they should be good for jam. And by now, there are also probably more berries, so I might ask kids to pick again and do a plum/raspberry mix.

On Tuesday I took the kids to the local water park with freebie passes that they earned by doing a reading program this spring. Well, kinda free. If we’d gone last week they literally would have been free tickets, but June was crazy busy, and I decided to wait til July to use them. Since we used them late, they were buy one, get one free passes (as the kids’ teacher I earned one too) which worked out to be $15/person for admission for all our kids who were interested in going. Not bad!

Wednesday we had a quiet day at home — so boring to some of my teens who would prefer to be perpetual motion machines.  But we had some down time anyway.  I did run to the bank when I drove kids to work, and that’s when I discovered that there’s a branch of our bank RIGHT across the street from where my son works.  Our bank recently merged with another, and that bank was totally not on my radar. But it will be such a time saver, especially with kids earning money and always needing to go to the bank.  Hooray for clumping errands in close proximity with each other. Speaking of clumping, I’ve also been shopping a lot at the grocery store near my kids’ work.  I do try to only grab what’s well-priced, but I figure even the occasional higher-priced items still balances out in gas and time savings.

On Thursday after having friends over for a swim day (fun!) I SO did not want to cook. Almost went out for Chinese food for dinner, but instead grabbed pasta and green onions and made these sesame noodles at home. Yay, me!  Sometimes it is SO hard to make myself cook, but I do feel glad when I get moving.  And this recipe was quite good.

Today is a busy day, with dr’s appointments and a run to Boise to babysit grandbabies while my daughter gets her hair cut.  But again I will be clumping errands (dropping a teen off to shop someplace he’s been wanting to go) and also using a coupon for a free loaf of bread right across from the store where I’m bringing my son.

How did your week go?  Did you have some frugal wins that you felt good about?


  1. I make popsicles by squeezing oranges in pops molds.
    The kids love it and they can make some themselves.

    Did you see the post about your book at Small Things (, July 9th entry)?
    Ginny is great and so are you!

  2. I have lots of raspberry plants and need to make some jam…can you please post your recipe? Thanks

  3. We picked raspberries at a friends last week! Such a blessing that they shared 🙂 Curious to know what kind of plums your harvesting already?

  4. Had a couple of successes this week:
    REUSING ORANGE PEELS–Made orange cinammon rolls– cut orange in half and take out the ‘meat’ – you want the orange to resemble a bowl. Now put into the bowl your cinammon roll mixture for one roll or whatever kind of roll you plan to make, cover with tin foil and put in the oven however long it takes for the roll to bake. This gives you a fantastic orange taste to any baked item. While we used for rolls, kids said would be fantastic with anything chocolate too. And you can eat the orange later for a snack!!!

    WATERMELON WATER- put rinds in pitcher of water with mint, ginger, and any other spices you want.

    PINEAPPLE WATER- while daughter was working in one of the hostels in Las Vegas she said made frequently because they all love fresh pineapple. Instead of using watermelon rind use the skin of the pineapple, oranges, mangoes, etc. and put into pitcher for refreshing water.

    NO HIGH ELECTRIC BILLS- Biggest savings this year has been not putting in window air conditioners. Leave windows open all night and close down and pull blinds before leaving for work– house is comfortable when I return and later in the evening just turn on small fan if heats up before opening up again before bed. Kids okay with house closed down while watching movies, reading, or playing in basement or outside.

  5. Raspberries are my kids and hubbies favorite fruit and unfortunately they are ao expensive and we can’t grow them here. How do you keep the kids from eating them all as they pick? 🙂

    • they eat some, but we have LOTS of bushes, so it works out okay. And believe it or not because they are so normal in the summer at our house, our kids probably don’t crave them as much as someone who only has them now and then. 🙂 Spoiled, I guess.

  6. I visited a linens store that was closing. Everything was at least 50% off, and somethings were marked down even more than that. For $60, I got 3 holiday tablecloths for me, 4 tablecloths for my mom, 5 potholders, accessories for both bathrooms (toothbrush holder and tumbler cup and a decorative towel for one, toothbrush holder and tumbler cup and liquid soap dispenser and trash can for the other), a blanket for the couch, 2 new big couch pillows, and 1 chair pillow. I think that was it… I walked out of the store saying, “I have something for Frugal Friday!” LOL. And then I’ve been working almost non-stop since and completely missed actually checking for a post!