Camping fun

Here’s at least some of what’s been keeping me away from the blog during the past week. I’ll write more later. Hope you’re enjoying your summer as well!






Games in the lodge



  1. I am thrilled to hear that you were too busy with your family to get to writing your blog.
    Silly these people that go on vacations but take their work with them.
    Or the parent who sits at a school concert, sporting event, etc. with their cellphones texting something or other, on their computer- whatever– to supposedly watch their child’s event. But when you see the look on their child’s face when they look at their parent and see they are not even watching them–it breaks a person’s heart.
    Give electronics a major break when it comes to going anywhere with your family. Better yet leave the computer or phone at home.

    • hear, hear! Take photos, blog later. It’s not much relaxation if you are too busy to enjoy it while it is happening.