day brighteners

because sometimes a simple thing can improve a hard day

Sometimes small things can bring a smile and brighten an afternoon. How do you lift moods at your house on hard days?


  1. We indulge in chocolate chips too often. Thankful for my costco-sized bag. Add a few almonds or pecans with those, and that’s pretty much bliss for me. 🙂

  2. My mom confessed she used to lock herself in the bathroom and sneak chocolate chips…we always tell her we got her chocolate chip addiction because of her! Chocolate as a coping mechanism happens here. If one of my kids is having a really rough time I do try to get them a treat that is personal…nail polish or a favorite treat or magazine…something that they can refocus on and shows I see them and recognize they are hurting.

  3. Massages, my kids give the best massages in the world for me and for each other. The personal touch and the removing of knots is the best.

  4. You are a very smart woman. Chocolate covers a multitude of sins. LOL! It is a cure-all, a comfort, and a perfect start and ending to any day. 🙂 I absolutely LOVE it, and so do my kids! 🙂

  5. Ahh! I love the chocolate chips too and the ones you pictured were just on sale at my grocery store. 🙂 I also like to have either extra story time at night or a cuddle time with movie with my kiddos for a special treat. I wish I could rotate every day being a special treat for one child. Too bad we have to do regular life stuff too. 😉

  6. Play 10 (10 tosses of the ball) with the 2 yr old pup

    Walk the perimeter of the grass area of the farm with the older dog

    light a candle and remember those that have pass to the other side that shaped my life

    Text the crap out of my kids that are now adults

    Send I love yous to the grandkids on Facebook/email/ texts

    AND last but not least in anyways

    BE SILENT and wait for GOD to speak. Because if I am running my mouth or my thoughts I am NOT listening for him.

    Blessed Be

  7. Over the years, I have used the mini m&m’s to help my daughter through tough times. When she was in elementary school, I would create little flowers, or pictures with them on the counter next to her and she would be distracted enough to calm down and focus as she ate the treat. Now that she’s 21, I just keep them in the pantry and take the little treat to her whenever I think she needs the reminder that it’ll all work out ok. When she moves away, I’ll probably mail them to her if I think she needs them.