Week 3 eats (and a splurge)

Splurge day for me today!  I got my hair cut like the picture I showed you the other day, except shorter, and added some subtle red highlights.  I’ll get a photo in daylight tomorrow. Looks tons different– I can’t remember the last time my hair has been short enough to show the back of my neck–  but I do like it. I’m just hoping when I wash it I can get it looking half as good as my salon guru Cindi does.

While at the mall, I went to Sephora and tried foundation til I figured out one that is just right for my skin. I’ve bought many different ones lately that were almost but not quite right– some too pale, some too dark, some too drying– and I just got tired of guessing. When I told the lovely ladies I was moisturizing and cleansing with olive oil, I expected them to look at me askance, but instead they showed me their own oil moisturizers for dry skin, one of which just arrived in the store this week.  Apparently oil moisturizing and cleansing is a ‘thing’ these days. Guess I’m not backward after all. They gave me some samples of their oil to try, but I will probably stick with my olive oilt. I managed to get out of the store with only what I intended to buy: foundation and under-eye concealer in the right tones for me.  Which, believe me, was spendy enough.

Speaking of spendy, I am officially over budget in the grocery department, thanks partly to sending others shopping on my behalf.  The good news is we’re only $25 over the $400 goal that I made at the start of the month– not bad– and we have oodles of food. Hopefully we’ll end up less than $500 for the month, which is still a cool $200-$300 less than we routinely spend.

Are you getting bored with hearing what we eat?  I kinda am. Especially this week–except for our lovely Ethiopian feast Saturday evening, and some YUMMY orange chicken– oh, and a really yummy creamy chicken soup– the food was kinda unexciting.

Wednesday, Jan 15th

Thursday, January 16th

  • Breakfast: Eggs, potatoes, toast
  • Lunch: Hamburgers, tater tots, salad
  • Dinner: Stirfry with chicken, veggies and rice

Fri, January 17th

  • Breakfast: Eggs and toast
  • Lunch:  ??? I don’t remember!
  • Dinner: Spaghetti

Sat, January 18th

  • Breakfast: Pancakes
  • Lunch: Peanut butter sandwiches
  • Dinner: Ethiopian food

Sun, January 19th

  • Breakfast: Cold cereal
  • Lunch: Leftover Ethiopian food
  • Dinner: Lentils and rice, root beer floats

Mon, January 20th

  • Breakfast: Eggs and toast
  • Lunch: Ham sandwiches
  • Dinner: Creamy Chicken-Potato-Kale Soup, crackers, fruit

Tues, January 21st

  • Breakfast:  eggs and toast
  • Lunch: leftover soup and bread
  • Dinner: Fried rice with ham and kale
  • Snack: cookies

This evening I am making a big batch of chicken broth for more soups later in the week.  I need to get it into jars in the fridge soon.

I also made homemade yogurt. The yogurt met with a calamity though.  I left it in the oven like I usually do, to incubate while I was gone today. Then the kids decided to make cookies and turned the oven on.  They discovered it after about 10 minutes, and stuck it in the fridge.  But the quart jar that I’d only filled halfway looks a little watery, and not as thick as the other three.  So I’m not sure how it will taste.  Ah well.

What did you cook this week that was fun?


  1. Funny, we had a similar yogurt accident recently. Also, CANNOT WAIT to see your new hair! And lastly, when you say you had lentils, how do you serve them? I’ve made lentil soup a few times, and had them cold with quinoa and corn once, but other than that, I don’t really know what to do with them!

  2. I can’t wait to see the hair too! The last time I did a wedge-type bob, it was in winter, and my neck was COLD. :o)