What we actually ate


This week we spent $145 on food, quite a bit more than I was originally intending, but there were sales, people!  I bought 40 lb of oranges for $20, 10 lbs of chicken thighs for $10, and 35 lb of ground beef for $70.  Yup, $1.99/lb ground beef, yehaw!  Lately I’ve been lucky to find it for $2.49/lb. The oranges should last a month, the chicken a couple weeks, and the ground beef a couple months.

In two hours I made 1 meal of meatloaf (for 18 people), 2 meals worth of taco meat, 46 hamburger patties, and 8 packages of precooked ground beef that I can use for stroganoff or Ethiopian sloppy joes or shepherd’s pie or Thai chard wraps or any number of other meals.  I love having pre-cooked ground beef in the freezer– it’s such a time saver.  And when I can get it for a great price, that makes it twice as nice. It really helps me to have benchmark prices to look for, so that I know clearly when it’s a good time to stock up.

Jan 1st

  • Brunch:  Eggs/rolls/pears
  • Dinner:  Pineapple/hot dog stirfry over rice
  • Snack: Cookies, homemade gummies

January 2nd

  • Breakfast: pancakes
  • Lunch: Peanut butter rolls
  • Snack: meat and cheese tray (kids’ party)
  • Dinner:  pizza, salad, cookies

Fri, January 3rd

  • Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs, oranges and toast
  • Lunch:  Frozen burritos and apples
  • Dinner:  BBQ chicken, baked potatoes, green salad, magic cookie bars

Sat, January 4th

  • Breakfast: Pancakes
  • Lunch: Split peas and rice with firfir
  • Dinner: ‘favorite’ casserole (macaroni with ground beef, tomato sauce and olives, topped by cheese)

Sun, January 5th

  • Breakfast: cold cereal
  • Lunch: Chili, green salad, garlic bread, and birthday cake for dessert
  • Dinner:  leftover ‘favorite’ casserole (I made way too much Saturday night!)

Mon, January 6th

  • Breakfast:  Eggs and toast
  • Lunch:  Thai cauliflower chicken soup, apples
  • Dinner:  Leftover chili from Sunday, raspberry gummies

Tues, January 7th

  • Breakfast: French toast, apples and oranges
  • Lunch: Chili corn pone pie (Family Feasts p.112)  salad and cookies
  • Dinner:  Tacos


What about you?  What have you served your family recently?


  1. Christin Harrison says:

    Just curious, but where do you find such good deals on meat? I don’t ever seem to find great deals here in Missouri! 🙂

    • Sometimes at Albertsons or Walmart when they overbuy and clearance. This time (and many other times) I find the best prices at a small locally owned chain called Pauls. But like I said, this was an unusually good price, once I see maybe 4-5 times a year lately. I try to walk past the beef and eat more beans when I can’t find it for $2.49/lb or less.

    • I also live in Missouri, though maybe not in the same spot you do. Mosers often has 80/20 ground beef for anywhere from $1.89-2.49 a pound. Schnucks and hyvee will sometimes do bone in chicken for 99 cents a pound . Schnucks also has good sale prices on pork, I’ve seen pork butt for 99 cents a pound, pork chops for 1.99 a pound , and pork sausage for 1.99 a pound

  2. How do you store your oranges so they last that long without going bad?

  3. Meat has gotten so expensive around here that only eat once or twice a week with us putting TVP in everything else for protein.
    Chicken was on sale for $2.69 a pound the other day! Made split pea soup the other day without any meat in it but the TVP and was quite good.

  4. We are doing good eating from the pantry, I haven’t been to the store since Christmas time until today. Got $33.46 of food and $82.70 of non-food. Need to work on that part more. Craving the local’s restaurant’s fried chicken LOL.

  5. I forgot to track the Jan 1 food. Remembered on Jan 2, could only remember what we’d had for dinner. The rest of it was obviously special stuff. LOL. Otherwise, we are eating like kings around here! I have also run into a couple of too-hard-to-resist sales (like spiral cut ham on clearance for $0.97/lb) so I don’t know if I’ll make my reduced budget goal. I will, however, have made great headway in my use-up-freezer-and-pantry-items goal.

    Jan 1:
    Dinner: fish florentine with loaded baked potato

    Jan 2:
    Breakfast: mocha
    Lunch: L/O garlic noodles, meatballs from freezer
    Snack: popcorn, cheese
    Dinner: Jamaican Jerk pork with green peppers and onions, yellow rice

    Jan 3:
    Breakfast: skipped
    Lunch: chicken & veggie soup with asian dumplings – dumplings from freezer, chicken broth from fridge, veggies from veggie drawer, came out super tasty!
    Snack: popcorn
    Dinner: gnocchi alla sorrentina (red sauce with fresh mozzarella) with a baguette – gnocchi was in the pantry, canned tomatoes in the pantry, mozzarella in the fridge and nearing end of life so great to use up, baguette from freezer

    Jan 4:
    Breakfast: mochas and french toast
    Lunch: cheese quesadillas
    Dinner: 15-bean and ham soup with leftover baguette
    Dessert: Christmas candy

    Jan 5:
    Breakfast: eggs scrambled with L/O southwestern rice & sausage crumbles, banana, peppermint coffee floats
    Lunch: Costco samples
    Dinner: L/O Jamaican Jerk pork with green peppers and onions, yellow rice, sweet potato

    Jan 6:
    Breakfast: banana bread with cream cheese, apple slices
    Lunch: Greek salad with gyro meat
    Snack: veggie chips and salsa
    Dinner: It was college football championship game night, so dinner was intentionally composed of appetizers: chicken firecrackers, mini tacos, breaded calamari. Go Noles! Long time coming, but national champs again. Whoo!

    Jan 7:
    Breakfast: cereal
    Lunch: L/O bean soup
    Snack: cheese and crackers
    Dinner: flap steak, baked potato, green beans