Why I am…

Candy Houses

From the candy house party this week

ditching nightlights in bedrooms

brewing some kombucha  (here are directions and safety tips)

writing postplacement letters this week, with lots of pictures

thinking about my motivations for Christmas gift giving

The winner of Cooking for Crowds is commenter #24, Dawn!

And here are a few more pictures from the candy house extravaganza.  One of my sons managed to make a candy house that was eight stories high!  I didn’t know that was even possible.

What thoughts are perking around in your head these days?


28 kids, 24 feet of candy goodness

Dripping with sweetness

Dripping with sweetness



The kids think it’s the best homeschool craft all year



The beginning stages

The beginning stages of Ben’s Tower

The master at work

The master at work


Sweet creations, all unique

OK, so I didn't get a picture til after he'd started eating it.

OK, so I didn’t get a picture til after he’d started eating it.


  1. The last sentence cracked me up. I was amused that they are all candified and looking like sappy sweet Christmas decorations, all except the tower that seems more like a high-rise apartment building in a big city. It’s so great to let kids create whatever they like.

  2. Love it. Looks like lots of fun and of course such yummy creativity. 8 levels way to go.

  3. So, the icing/mortar. To get our houses to hold up to decorating, we have to construct them one day and decorate them the next so that the icing has time to set. What are your tips for constructing and decorating in one sitting? We’ll be doing this activity later this week. Many thanks, friend!

    • Use royal icing for construction (make the icing pretty thick, and lay it on really thick) and then try to wait 5-10 minutes before putting anything on the house itself. Little kids will need help a reminders to leave it be for long enough to firm up. But royal icing is way stronger than regular frosting and it works great.
      Basically, whip 4 egg whites til white and fluffy, then add powdered sugar (and half a teaspoon cream of tarter) until you have a very thick frosting. it’ll probably take about a pound of sugar…

      have fun!

  4. I’m so excited! I think it might be ME that won the cookbook?!?!? Crossing my fingers and toes!! 🙂

  5. I love it! I’m helping with this same project at my daughter’s school this week, and you’ve given me some new inspiration for candy to bring along!

  6. Wow! What a skyscraper! My oldest asked for a skyscraper to decorate, but I just turned the graham crackers on end so that it was taller than it was wide and called it good. 🙂 My kidos are younger, so I assembled out houses, then brought them all in on the decorating. Good times were had by all, whether their goal was a beautiful house, or a skyscraper to hold as much candy as possible in anticipation of the eating to come. 🙂