Veggie Tales Giveaway

Silas in 'Merry Larry'

The winners of the cookbooks are commenter #21 Janie (you won Y’all Come Over) and #30 vicki c. (you get the The Southern Food Truck Cookbook).

Today I have yet another giveaway for you!  This time it’s a copy of the latest Veggie Tales video, called Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas.  We’ve been Veggie Tales fans as long as I can remember, and our girls enjoyed this one too. It features Si from Duck Dynasty for extra fun. If you’d like to win a copy of this video for your child, comment below and tell me one Christmas tradition that you especially love.  I will pick a video winner on Friday.

One that I’ve loved doing with our kids is getting out our stash of Christmas story books around December 1st and reading a different one each night.  On years that I get really organized, I even gift-wrap each story book, so that the kids can open one each night, adding a new book or two into the mix each year.  Since our youngest is 9, we’ve almost outgrown this tradition, but it has been a lot of fun for many years.



  1. I have two teenagers but one 7-year-old girl – so we love doing Elf on the Shelf for her. Last year he was caught hugging a fairy doll in her room.

  2. My kids are still young, but last year I started the tradition of wrapping the nativity figures in several boxes and having my daughter open one each Sunday of Advent and the box with Jesus on Christmas.

  3. All 4 of our kids were adopted from China. We have our traditional family tree in the living room, and in our TV room we have a tree decorated with all the ornaments we bought in China on our four adoption trips as well as other China- themed ornaments we’ve collected. Even the angel on top is wearing a traditional Chinese dress!

  4. The movie looks so fun – we love Veggie Tales!!
    Our favorite tradition is making and decorating cookies on Christmas Eve!

  5. One of my favorite traditions is driving around to see the Christmas lights!

    • Mine, too! Christmas Eve, we fill a cup with eggnog or hot chocolate, hop in the car, and drive around to oooh and aaaah for a couple hours.

  6. We have a tradition of baking and decorating Christmas cookies with my mom every year on the weekend after Thanksgiving.

  7. We have a nativity tree. Each night we have a different nativity ornament that we hang on it. I love it.

  8. ginny jolin says:

    Christmas Eve we have a birthday party (with cake and ice cream) for Baby Jesus.

  9. My girls love all the joys of Christmas and I have one in particular who is a huge Veggie Tales fan and wild love this.

  10. We live almost 600 miles away from my large extended family. Just driving up there for Christmas is our tradition. I soo look forward to our visit.

  11. Each year we create and build a gingerbread house. We’ve done trains, nativity scenes, farmyard, it’s so fun each year.

  12. One of my favorite traditions is watching some of the old Christmas movies like White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street.

  13. A tradition we’ve had since I was a little girl, and that I do now with my husband and daughter, is putting up our Christmas tree, drinking hot chocolate, then watching a Christmas movie while eating peanut butter popcorn!

  14. we love baking treats to give to our neighbors. My 8-year-old is already making a list of the best goodies to include this year.

  15. We have a neighboring town that decorates one of the parks with several million (really – not an exaggeration) lights each year. The price of admission is a canned food item for the food pantry, so each year the kids get to fill a grocery bag with non-perishable food and we go see the lights and the live nativity before stopping to have dinner out on the way home.

  16. We have a tradition of giving 3 gifts for Christmas. We draw names, so everyone gives the 3 gifts, as well as receives. Gold – your fun, ‘splurge’ gift, frankincense, a spiritual development gift, and myrrh, something for the body. We have 5 kids, so while I end up spending the same amount since we started this tradition, the gifts they get are much better, and it is a good way for our family to keep our focus where it should be during the holiday.

  17. I love our Christmas stockings!

  18. I think our favorite is singing Christmas songs all month. And on Christmas Day we all go out for a walk on our farm, through the cattle and woods, sometimes shooting guns. We have a newly adopted baby to add to the fun this year:)

  19. On Christmas Eve we open one gift (it’s always new pajamas) and then we read the story ffrom Luke before bed.

  20. With a 17 month old son, we’re just starting to create Christmas traditions (it’s fun to get ideas from the other comments!)… we’ll do an Advent link-chain “calendar” and it would be great to add the Veggie Tales video to our traditions as well!

  21. Tonya Morrison says:

    One fairly new tradition that is quickly becoming a favorite is the Jesse Tree. We read a short devotion each night and put a corresponding ornament on our “tree” ( a small branch set in a jar).

  22. We decorate our tree while eating cookies and drinking eggnog! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Eggnog!!!

  23. We do the book thing too! And we have a fun advent house the kiddos love!!!

  24. Several of our neighbors have a wonderful Christmas light display they light for the first time each year the day after Thanksgiving. Friends and neighbors gather at our house for pizza then a walk through the beautiful light display our neighbors create for everyone to enjoy.

  25. We do advent wreath activities in December and I have special memories of lighting the candles and reading from the Bible with our boys…

  26. We make Christmas shoe boxes for kids in other countries.

  27. We always get to open one present on Christmas eve. usually our socks, since mom gets everyone socks for Christmas – they actually request them.

  28. Melissa M. says:

    We always bake and decorate a birthday cake for Jesus. We attend Christmas Eve services at our church, then come home to a nice dinner. Before the big present opening mayhem begins, we stop everything and take the time to sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus–even the adults. It’s a great way to get the point across that Christmas is not about us–it’s all about Him.

  29. We LOVE VeggieTales. I have six children and rather than stressing out by baking all of our Christmas goodies at once with all of them, I bake a different goody with each kid. That gives me some quality one-on-one time with each one and it is much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

  30. We have Christmas popsicle sticks on which we write and activity that we do everyday – xmas movie, craft, read book, make a Christmas treat, wrap gifts or some other things I cant remember right now.

  31. Fondue night on the 23rd of December. The kids love it!

  32. It’s hard for me to choose just one. For me, it’s all the little traditions wrapped together as a holiday experience. One of our “musts” is to read the Christmas story from Luke right before we open presents. It helps set the tone and reminds us what we are really celebrating.

  33. We bake sugar cookies and decorate the tree.

  34. When I was a kid, we set up our decorations the day after Thanksgiving and collected presents under the tree as they were purchased and wrapped. We usually opened them on Christmas Eve. As an adult, I started attending a liturgical church and discovered the tradition of Advent as a time of expectant anticipation. The first Christmas after our oldest was born, almost by accident, my husband and I decorated the house on Christmas Eve. I was amazed by the transformation and the symbolic move from the season of Advent waiting to Christmas celebration. This has become one of the most meaningful traditions of the season for me.

  35. I really enjoy “uncovering ” my Aunt Helens christmas gifts from my childhood- each year she sent my family a special christmas decoration – as adults, they were split between us kids , periodically my sister and I trade decorations for a year or two,

  36. I think our best tradition is the cookies,too. Rolled very thin and decorated like crazy with many colors of frosting, tiny details, tiny house decorated with christmas lights, tiny trees all decorated – fun and yummy

  37. We love veggie tales at our house, too, for certain!

    My favorite Christmas tradition is sitting in the stillness by a lit fire or lit tree and counting my blessings, either alone or with family. As a little girl we were allowed to sleep in our sleeping bags under the decorated and lit tree and it’s one of my fondest memories.

  38. my niece would love it!