Christmas Crafts

I am ALREADY fantasizing about the blessed beauteousness of three weeks with NOOO school over Christmas.  If you’re a homeschool mom, you’re probably right there with me, right?  Every year over Christmas break I try to make time to do some crafts with the kids. Sometimes they’re things that would make a good gift.  Other times it’s a new Christmas decoration or an ornament for the tree. Here are a few things I have earmarked to try this December.


Isn’t this Peppermint Monogram Wreath adorable?  I’m sure I’d have at least a couple kids volunteer to help me with this project, since it involves candy. They might even like to make a smaller version for their bedrooms.

Peppermint Wreath



These duct tape notebooks would be a good friend-gift, or just a fun thing to make for yourself.

Duct Tape Notebook

These patterns for making snowflake shapes look like a lot of fun. Click on the photo for more ideas.

Snowflake Patterns

I found the photos for this final project on Pinterest, but then when I clicked through, the links turned out not to be good.  But I’m thinking we’ll try this with a fine point paint pen, and some matte-finish ornaments. I’ll be checking the thrift store first, since sometimes you can find ball-ornaments there.

painted ornaments

Planning any crafts this holiday season with your kids?

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  1. Sewing aprons for Christmas presents, daughter is painting a picture for each sibling for Christmas, making wool mittens, making collage for each of the grandparents (with their favorite things the theme) put into an inexpensive frame, and making mini banana bread loaves for the neighbors. The last of the Christmas presents done!

  2. Love these ideas, Mary! Make sure to post pics of your finished gifts. 😉
    Found a really cool idea for making a cookie plate. You arrange starlight mints in a circle on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Then bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes and let cool completely. Super cute and festive and you don’t have to worry about getting it back! Would probably work with other hard candies too. 🙂