Thank you!

Thanks for all the advice about my clothing dilemma. Your comments about the Star Trek top had me laughing.  I rethought the black pants. I do love them but they are $98 and I just couldn’t pull the trigger, esp when I went to the Old Navy website and found some black jeans for $20.  Not quite the same, but probably close enough.

I still love the striped dress but it is $68 and I just wasn’t sure it was flattering. I may go try this much cheaper dress on at Old Navy to see if it might also have the fun vibe but be better looking on me.  (smaller stripes, not flared).  We’ll see.

I ended up deciding on the JUST the plaid top, since I am sure it is something I will wear often, and it is soft and comfy. I have it on this second– am taking our teens to see Thor later today.

The really good thing about this decision is that (thanks to some kind folks who used my referral link) I had $50 in Stitch Fix credit.  The plaid top is $48, which means $0 out.  My husband and our budget thank you!  And thanks to everyone who weighed in.  It was fun to get your feedback and it made my decision easier.