These creative types…


One day they’re playing with Barbie dolls in the sandbox, then bringing them inside and bathing them in the bathtub to get the sand out of their hair.

Another day they’re jumping in the fall leaves and snapping dozens of pictures of each other in the process.


Today?  Well, it was time to color eggs, of course!  They boiled a dozen, then spread newspaper all over the kitchen counter, wrapped the eggs in dozens of rubber bands, and dyed the eggs all sorts of pretty colors.

One thing’s for sure:  these girls know how to have fun.

Another thing: I’m savoring every second of their lovely little-girl exuberance. Even as I trail around after them mopping up. 😉


  1. What sweet friends they seem to each other 🙂 how fun.

  2. …..and that’s because you LET them so good on you and lucky for them, they are blessed to grow up this way!