Apologia Chemistry (helpful links)

Art credit: classroomclipart.comThis year FIVE of our teens are doing chemistry, four at home, and one at the college level.  At home we are using Apologia’s Exploring Creation With Chemistry. Chemistry isn’t the easiest subject for a lot of kids, so at various points, I’ve been googling videos to explain concepts better.   Then I realized that this list might be handy for other folks teaching chemistry too.  We’re only on chapter four, so I will be adding more links as I need them.  But I wanted to put this out here anyway, in case it might be helpful to you.  Even if you aren’t doing Apologia, you should be able to recognize key terms and find videos that could be useful to you.  I’d LOVE a pin if this looks like something that’d be useful to you or others that you know. Check back every few weeks for updates.  This list will be growing as we work through the book.

 Module #1

Lecture Notes

Study Guide

Significant figures (video)

Module #2

Lecture Notes

Study Guide

Heat equations (video)

Extra calorimeter problems (video)

Module #3

Lecture Notes

More notes and explanations

Study Guide

Info about labs for this chapter

Laws learned in this chapter

 Naming Compounds (video)

Naming Ionic Compounds (video)

Flash Cards

Module #4

Study Guide

Phase change (video)

Experiment: Diffusion (video)

Experiment: Phase change crushing a large can (video)

Balancing Equations-Simple Examples (video)

Balancing Equations- More Complex examples (video)

Module #5

Flash Cards

Decomposition reactions (video)

Combustion Reactions (video)

Combustion Reactions (practice problems)

Combustion Reactions (more practice)

Mole Concept (video)

Module #6

Stoichiometry (video #1)

Stoichiometry (video #2)

Stoichiometry (video #3)

Limiting reactants (video)

Flash Cards

Module #7

Atomic Structure (video)

Energy, Frequency and Wavelength example problems (video #1)

Energy, Frequency and Wavelength example problems (video #2)

Frequency/Wavelength example problem (with cool way to rearrange equations)


Module #8


Drawing Lewis Structures

More on Lewis Structures

Module #9

Study Guide

Important Polyatomic Ions

Module #10

Acid Base Reactions (youtube)


Module #11

For Those About to Dissolve: We Solute You (music video)

Molarity vs Molality

Calculating molality

Freezing point depression (video)

Study Guide

Module #12

Experiment: Gas Phase Reaction (video)

Formulas and Laws



Potential Energy Diagrams (video)



Rate Equations (video)


Chemical Equilibrium (video)


Oxidation/Reduction Reactions (video)


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  1. Leslie Creech says:

    Where were you last semester when I took college chemistry? I did fine but these links would have been really useful. Have a great weekend.

  2. I could drive alllllll the way out there right now and give you a hug and a giant box of chocolates!
    Thank you so much for this!

  3. If you search my husband’s username (mmatthias97@gmail dot com) with a . instead of dot, on Youtube, I think you’ll find my videos. I teach Apologia chem for our co-op and sometimes post things for sick/absent students. They may be badly filmed and occasionally strange… 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing this wealth of information :). It’s very helpful for my son who is studying for his final exam in Apologia Chemistry.

  5. Thank you for being such a great resource. We are awaiting the arrival of our textbook, however our son’s coop class began last week. I tried to look at your study guide for Module 1 but the link seems to be broken. Would you have a copy of this study guide that you can email to me?

    Thank you again.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I could hug you!!